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What Size Grill Cover Do I Need

Updated On June 3, 2020

Knowing the right size grill cover for your grill ensures that it fits just right protecting it from dirt and the elements.

Protecting your grill from the elements is important. And one way to do it is by covering.

Snow and ice in the winter, and rain and mud in the summer, can get into your grill's burners and valves which can potentially damage your grill. These can also cause your grill grates, the hood or lid, and even the body of your grill to rust and even corrode.

That is why grill covers are important. But also important is the right size of the grille cover that you put on your grill to ensure that it perfectly covers and stay in place giving the best protection possible. 

Measuring Your Grill

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need
Before you buy a grill cover, you need to get the right measurement of your grill.

Three things need to be measured in order for you to choose the perfect cover for your grill: Height, length, and width (also depth). The height is measured from the top of the grill to the bottom in inches. If there is a chimney, you also need to include it in the measurement. (1)

The length is measured by the side to side across the grill or edge to edge. Some grills have side tables on both sides and this will be considered the entire length of your grill. The width also known as the depth is measured from the back of the grill to the front, or end to end. 

Choosing The Right Measurement of Grill Cover

What Size Grill Cover Do I Need
Once you have measured the dimension of your grill, it's now easier to find the right size for your grill cover. Allow for a slightly larger cover for grill rather than getting the exact dimension as your grill. This will give your grill a "breathing room" which allows air to circulate preventing the formation of mold and mildew. A 1 inch to 2 inches larger grill cover in total dimension is most ideal for this. (2)

You should also allow a grill cover that is shorter in length which is just above the wheels or legs (if no wheels) of your grill. This is also to ensure that air freely circulates inside the grill reducing water build-up and also preventing mold and mildew to form inside your grill. (3)

Final Words

A grill cover keeps your grill clean and protected not only from dust and dirt but also from rust and corrosion. When you have the correct measure of the cover grill, you ensure that your grill will always be in top condition since it is protected all year long. 

You can also make your own DIY grill cover. Check it here.


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  1. This one is really important, the size for the cover matters, good if it’s bigger but if if you got the smaller one it would be unfit to really use, tho, anyone could opt for creating their own cover, that would surely fit your needed size. Thank you, for this article! 🙂

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