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How to Measure for a Grill Cover

Updated On August 3, 2020

For most of us who appreciate a good barbecue experience, having a grill at home is a great investment. With it, you can enjoy time with family and friends without the need of travelling to often crowded barbecue joints.

This being the case, the grill must be well maintained so that it can continue serving you well. Several factors are up for consideration in maintaining a grill. Here, we’ll take a look at an often overlooked, yet simple aspect that can help maintain the quality and continued service of your grill, which is a grill cover.

Grill Covers

Best Grill Cover Material
These are pretty straightforward to understand and use. They are meant to cover the entirety of your grill when it’s not in use. You may have come across the term when you were searching for a grill to buy or had the grill salesman tell you about them, but maybe at the time, it didn’t quite hit home how useful they can be in helping maintain the quality of your grill.

They are available in an assortment of colors, types, and sizes and it’s just a matter of considering a few points when you need one for your grill.

Aside from the many options available on online stores and such, making a grill cover yourself at home is also another way to go about it. It’s an easy DIY task that can be accomplished with proper instruction which has been prepared for you in the below sections. (1)

Considerations to Keep in Mind

To start us off, let’s take a look at the aforementioned aspects that need to be heeded in the quest to getting you the right grill cover:

  • The Size of your Grill
    You will need to get the correct measurements of your grill so that you can get enough material needed to make the grill cover.

  • The Material for your Grill Cover 
    Several options are available here from oilcloths to tarps. It’s preferable to go for water-resistant materials but if the material you do end up going for isn’t working, the situation can be remedied later by using water-resistant spray on your finished grill cover. (2, 3)
  • The Tools at your disposal
    For this DIY exercise, you’ll need the following tools:
    • A measuring tape 
    • A pair of scissors 
    • A pen or marker to mark out your measurements
    • A sewing machine
    • A good working area
  • A little time
    Yes! Dedicate a little time for a few days if you don’t have much free time even on weekends to work on this project and you can surely get it done.

The Process

How To Make A Grill Cover
Now let’s get into the specifics of the project at hand.
  1. Measuring for your Grill Cover
    In this step, we need to get 3 measurements; the height, width, and depth of your grill. It’s best to have your grill closed up when taking these measurements.
    The height is measured as the distance from the highest point of your grill down to the ground.
    The depth is the distance between the front-most and the back most points of your grill.
    The width is the measurement of the distance between the outermost edges of your grill.
    Consider the image below to give you a clearer idea where:
    • The red line shows the height.
    • The blue line shows the width.
    • The green line shows the depth.
  2.  Making out the Patterns
    With the measurements you’ve taken in the above step at hand, you need to draw out patterns matching the size and shapes for all your grill’s sides. You can do this on a simple piece of paper. But before that, you should answer the question: What size grill cover do I need? This is a very important step since it will afford you efficiency in handling the next step.
    To ensure that the cover ends up properly fitting your grill, including an allowance of an extra inch or two for your measurement is needed. 
  3. Cutting the Patterns Out
    With your patterns at hand, place them on the material you’d gotten for the project, trace, and cut them out. Having followed the above step, this step is easy to accomplish and allows you to fully utilize the material you have at hand.
  4. Sewing it all together
    The sewing machine comes into play at this point. It’s important to use a strong, high-grade needle to ensure the sewing progresses properly. Carefully lay out your cut out material and sew them up together according to how they’re supposed to match up.
    To finish off the sewing process, you can opt to add a drawstring at the bottom of your finished cover. Since we included an allowance of a few inches in step 2, there is room for this to be made possible. Fold the base edges and sew a lining that will allow you to insert a rope to be used as the drawstring. While this is not necessarily a must, it is a good way to finish off this great DIY project.

Benefits afforded by a Grill Cover

The best grill cover material provide benefits such as:
  • Protecting your grill from effects caused by the elements e.g. rain and strong sunlight can corrode some parts of your grill.
  • Protects your grill from dust and dirt which ends up saving you clean-up time when it’s time to use the grill again. Here's how to clean a grill cover.  
  • Aside from the grill itself, it protects your grill accessories too.
  • For people living near coastal areas, salt corrosion is a possible threat to your grill and a grill cover does plenty to prevent this.

Final Words

The process may seem a little daunting when simply reading it out here but once you get your hands moving, it will end up being a very satisfying endeavor. It is a known fact that a good number of the grill covers available on the market can be quite tedious to buy since they may end up not fitting your particular grill as well as they should, which adds weight to this piece. You can customize your grill cover to fit perfectly and also add as many modifications as you’d like to it to match your taste. Give it a go!

If you opt to create your own DIY grill cover, then, click here.


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