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Best Tailgate Grills

A memorable tailgating experience demands for something that can satisfy the hungry tummies. Something juicy, tender, delicious and aromatic which will tickle our taste buds and tease our senses.

Yes, you guessed it. It's hot and spicy perfection coming off of a grill. No party or event is complete unless this, which happens to be the most essential part of it, factor is fulfilled in it. But then the question is, what kind of grill to buy? What features to look for and what about the safety and satisfaction of those who have taken the time to accompany us in this experience?

Top 5 Grills for Tailgating

Short on time? Here's a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!







*Best Overall


​The perfect size with budget-efficient cost and high quality performance

*Most Cheapest


A beautiful grill with large cooking surface, sturdy structure and appealing design

*Most Convenient


An ideal grill with excellent features, side-shelves, quality structure and super lightweigh

1. ​Blackstone Table Top Grill - 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

An All-in-one Tailgating Grill With The Perfect Size

Blackstone Table Top Grill offers quality, durability and beauty in a small size but with proven promises of an unparalleled performance

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for individuals who are looking for quality, cost-effectiveness and portability in a single grill
  • 260 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

For an incredibly attractive price and beautifully designed structure, the Blackstone Table Top grill is definitely the most unbeatable choice when it comes to tailgating, picnics, parties and small or large events.

With a flat top and a massive cooking surface area, you can easily grill several meals at a time without having to worry about making your friends or guests wait. The electric ignition system makes sure that no time is wasted in the grill's startup and high temperatures of heat are quickly reached to make cooking as easy as a breeze.

Though the Blackstone 17 Inch Grill only has a single burner, it is designed in an "H" alphabet shape, covering the entire cooking surface and distributing an even heat for the best quality grilling.

If you want to impress your friends with your cooking speed and delicious tastes, this is a must have grill!


  • Small size, lightweight, hence easy to carry
  • Strategically shaped burner distributes even heat and coverts the entire cooking surface
  • Electronic ignition system makes startups easy


2. Weber Jumbo Joe Charcoal Grill 18 Inch

The Most Budget-efficient & Beautiful Looking Grill

An excellent quality grill with commendable performance and convenient features that allow easy management and cleaning

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for the budget-conscious and those looking for an easy-to-carry grill
  • 260 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Weber Smokey Joe Silver Charcoal Grill is the best portable grill you can bring to parties and other occasions. It is perfect for apartment courtyards, backyards, beaches and camp sites. Its stylish look makes this grill stand out from any other grills. It is a charcoal grill and definitely requires charcoal briquettes.

Make your parties more enjoyable with this Weber product. It is not only perfect for steaks but also for chicken, pork chops, veggies and small roasts as well. This is an all-occasion grill so you can enjoy cooking your favorite food.

This compact size grill consists of aluminum ash catcher and three aluminum legs. The Jump Joe is constructed to be rust resistant, its hardware is built with steel and is porcelain and enamel-coated to prevent the grill color from fading. It has a bright nickel plated cooking grate. You can enjoy cooking your meat by tossing it onto the plated cooking grate and watch the best grilling results. It develops perfectly cooked meat and great flavored grilled foods. The vents of the Weber Jumbo Joe control the air flow, making the management of temperature and heat easier than ever. The handle is made of glass reinforced nylon to protect your hands from the heat. This grill can be easily cleaned as well as can be easily assembled.


  • Presence of air vents make temperature control easy
  • Aluminium ash tray is ideal for instantly getting rid of unnecessary post-cooking debris 
  • Assembling is super easy and simple


  • Slightly heavy, even though it  doesn't look like as such (18 lbs)

3. ​Cuisinart CGG-200B All Foods Tabletop Gas Grill

A Portable, Efficient & Beginner-Friendly Grill

The Cuisinart All Foods Grill has fold-able shelves, twist-start ignition, lots of space to cook on and unbelievably lightweight structure

Quick Summary

  • A good choice for anyone, better for those who desire storage space and prefer lightweight grills
  • Approx. 260 sq inches of cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods Gas Grill is a multipurpose cooking system that expertly grill foods. Supplied by a 12,000 BTU stainless steel loop burner for durable cooking which will provide you with a solid grilling performance. The product also includes a heat distributing panel and a porcelain enamel coated cast iron cooking grate. The table top grill is small in size which is perfect for small yards and patios. It is also convenient and easy to carry as it comes with a folding stainless steel shelves and carry handles. The special feature of this gas grill is its unique Versatile Modular Grill Surface System, which is a series of interchangeable specialized grilled surface which allows you to grill delicate foods and frequently grilled meals.

The panels affix securely to the cooking surface but can be easily removed for cleaning and storage. The grill comes with a veggie panel, precision temperature gauge, Cuisinart TwiStart Ignition system and a removable dip tray.

All you need to do to be able to start grilling with the Cuisinart CGG-200 All-Foods Gas Grill, is simply turn the TwiStart ignition system and in a matter of seconds the grill sparks to life. This product is carefully designed for faster heat up times as well as faster re- heating.

After lighting, the grill will turn up to the right temperature needed for grilling. Temperature accuracy is important to be able to grill different foods perfectly. That is why it is built with a temperature gauge for you to monitor the heat and allows you to set the desired heat you need for grilling, depending on the kind of food you wish to serve or prepare.

The All Foods grill is perfect for everyday backyard grilling. It is also ideal for parties, camping, tailgating, beach picnics and more.


  • Two fold-able shelves are incredibly useful for keeping cooking appliances
  • Has a weight of a single pound, making it the lightest in our list
  • Twist-start ignition makes start-ups easy as a breeze


  • The grill heats up quickly
  • May break down if proper care is not given

4. ​Blackstone Grills Tailgater - Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo

An Advanced Level Grill With Unique Features & Design

A highly unique and versatile grill which can be used by more than one chef at a time

Quick Summary

  • An ideal option for a group of chefs or those looking to cook several meals from a single grill in a single instance
  • 512 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The Blackstone Tailgater is the perfect grill for any event. With its unique design and incredibly sturdy structure, you can fulfill your BBQ adventures and cook a variety of food on an easy-to-use griddle and grill combo. Whether you take it to the park on an afternoon, the beach on a sunny morning or decide to serve random people from the outside of your van, the Blackstone Tailgater has you covered.

To make cooking easier and more precise, the grill has different heating zones which are influenced directly by the burners located below. These are independently-controlled and each of them can be set to a temperature of your choice, allowing the cooking surface to have a gradient of heat intensity. One of the burners is a stainless steel tube one with the power of producing 15,000 BTUs while the other is a cast iron burner with 20,000 BTUs worth of strength.

To make things more interesting, this grill has dual cooking surface, making it the best party grill in its price range. While one of your teammates cooks on the main surface, you can utilize the barbecue box and get the delicious pork chops ready to be served.


  • Unique design allows multi-tasking and cooking more than one meal at a time, can be used by 2-3 people at once 
  • Flexible and sturdy legs give the grill a perfect balance and stabilized stance
  • Two independent burners with a total power of 35,000 BTUs makes reaching high intensities of heat easy


  • It is slightly expensive
  • Very heavy grill (75 lbs)

5. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

High Quality Grill With Stable Structure & Performance

The Weber Premium Charcoal Grill comes with a unique one-touch cleaning system, a built-in thermometer, beautiful colors and excellent quality

Quick Summary

  • Suitable for any skill level, best used for parties and events
  • 363 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill is a high quality charcoal grill which can be used for multiple purposes. It is an exceptional choice when it comes to tailgating and catering for events and parties due to its enormous cooking surface area and durable structure. This particular grill is also very easy to assemble and is light enough to move around with ease.

Having said that, the Premium Charcoal Grill consists of a heavy gauge porcelain enamel lid and bowl for long life and durability. It features a stainless steel one touch cleaning system that allows a ton of convenience in its longtime maintenance and easy elimination of leftover food fragments. It has a hinged cooking grate and a removable ash catcher for effortless cooking and grilling. The grill comes with a built-in lid thermometer which allows you to monitor the temperature and keep it precise in accordance with your needs. With its new bowl handle design, there is an integrated tool hook which makes for an excellent storage area for cooking appliances like spatulas and tongs.

In addition, the plated steel, hinge cooking and stainless steel charcoal is made for lasting use and durability. While the aluminized steel allows for an easy one touch cleaning system, the durable all-weather wheels are perfect for a year-round BBQ experience.


  • One-touch cleaning system gets rid of leftover food particles and debris 
  • High quality aluminized steel allows for a super durable structure
  • Built-in thermometer allows for precise cooking with specific heat levels


  • Difficult to carry because of its excessive weight of 32.3 lbs

The Importance of a Portable Grill

Portable grills are essential for tailgating because, let’s face it, you’re not going to eat sandwiches with your beer and then decide to bring your favorite grill from home. So if you’re going to invest the bucks to create a memorable tailgating experience, knowing the answers to some questions is essential.

As with any purchase decision, buying a portable grill is going to come down to preferences and options and if you want to have the best tailgate grills on the block, there are some things to settle before going any further.

What fuel are you going to use? Your options are basically gas (propane) and charcoal as these are the only real portable fuel options. Each has its advantages and drawbacks. With charcoal grills you get the great taste and texture but you’re going to have to figure out the logistics of cooking with charcoal (it takes time to heat up and cool down and you’re going to have to put the ash somewhere). With propane grills you get a lot more control over your grilling temperature and instant grilling gratification. However, the awful fact cannot be ignored that you don’t have a gas gauge and running out of fuel mid-cookout is a recipe for a pretty much ruined occasion.

How much are you cooking? Answering this question will give you an idea of your BTU and cooking area requirements. The “bigger is better” mentality certainly rings true for portable best tailgate grills but remember that you’ll have to pack up and move a larger grill and that bigger grills consume more gas. The best advice is to get the biggest surface area you can afford but make sure it has the BTU to back it up. Remember that BTU alone doesn’t make the grill, but how much surface area that BTU has to heat up.

How portable do you want your tailgate grill to be? The biggest components to this is the size of the grill once it’s been packed up and it’s ready to travel and how heavy of a grill do you want to lug around. Both of these are difficult because there’s competing interests for each. A compact grill that is easy to throw in the back of a vehicle is going to have a smaller grilling surface. The same thing happens with weight: You want to have a solid, sturdy grill because it will hold heat longer and won’t be in danger of tipping over but then you have to move it around and if your grill weighs upwards of 60-70 pounds it’s difficult to do by yourself. Experience will tell you what the best answer is for you and if you can, try out a friend’s grill. This will give you an idea what you like and probably a few things you hadn’t thought of.

A Handful of Safety Tips When Tailgating

Tailgating parties can be exciting and fun, but you need to make sure that you have your party safely. Something going wrong can ruin everything for you. To help you out, here are a few important tailgating safety tips you need to remember.

Tip #1 – Cook Everything Thoroughly

One of the big dangers of tailgating is foods that get spoiled. The last thing you want is everyone going home with food poisoning. Make sure that everything is cooked thoroughly. A meat thermometer may come in handy if you’re grilling to make sure meats get to the right internal temperature to be safely eaten.

Tip #2 – Keep Cold Foods Cold

Of course, the cold foods can go bad as well if they aren’t kept cold. Make sure that you take coolers that are well insulated and use cold packs or a lot of ice to ensure that the food stays cold for your tailgating party.

Tip #3 – Keep Plenty of Water on Hand

Sometimes the sun can get pretty hot, so you need to make sure that you keep plenty on water on hand. Everyone needs to stay hydrated to avoid heat stroke or dehydration problems that will ruin the day.

Summing Up What You Learned

There are no specific "tailgating" grills as any grill can be used for parties and events or at the back of your van. What needs to be remembered is that though any grill can be utilized for such an occasion, not all of them have the right features and qualities that are generally considered necessary for a successful tailgating experience.

In this guide, we have looked at a diverse range of grills, from those with quite compact size to the ones with large structures and spread legs. Each of these have their own pros and cons, price differences and things to remember before using them as best tailgate grills. 

We believe that the final decision depends mainly upon one's budget, important preferences in relation to weight of the product, portability and luxurious features such as the availability of storage space. Nevertheless, we are sure that this guide will help you in deciding what kind of grill is the best for you and why the trait of portability is vital to a comfortable and enjoyable grilling experience.

Our Top Pick Again

1. Blackstone Table Top Grill - 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

An All-in-one Tailgating Grill With The Perfect Size

Blackstone Table Top Grill offers quality, durability and beauty in a small size but with proven promises of an unparalleled performance

Best Hibachi Grills

A hibachi grill is the ultimate go-anywhere cooking appliance; the small size and light weight allows for maximum portability when camping, hiking or picnicking. Whether you are new to cooking or are already an advanced chef, having one of these grills can add lots of new diversity to your cooking adventures and bring a whole lot of new experiences for you to enjoy.

In this guide, we are going to discuss everything about these grills, from the reviews of the best ones, to the different kinds that exist and how to cook with these.

With thorough research and testing, we at Grill Insider come up with the list of the 5 most reliable and best hibachi grills that are available in the market. With all of these having a distinct price and different kinds of features, product weights and cleaning systems, you can take your time and select the one which suits your requirements the best.

In addition, we have also included a thorough must-know things about hibachi grills at the end of this guide. From the simple basics to essential instructions on how to cook properly using a hibachi and some handful of safety tips that ensure nothing unpleasant occurs..

Short on time? Here's a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!







*Best Overall


​One of the finest hibachi grills with excellent performance and amazing durability

*Most Versatile


A high quality grill with versatile features, unique design and sturdy structure

*Most Cheapest


An ideal grill with excellent features, side-shelves, quality structure and super lightweigh

Top 5 Best Hibachi Grills


The Finest Hibachi Grill Available In The Market

The Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill is beautifully designed with a heavy-duty structure and unparalleled performance

Quick Summary

  • Ideal for all skill levels, best used for picnics, tailgating and camping trips
  • 153 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Lodge Cast Iron Grill comes at an affordable price and a premium quality iron structure, making it durable, strong and long-lasting. Whether you are wish to experience the traditional Japanese hibachi-style cooking or you are looking for something for tailgating, picnics or camping trips, the Lodge Cast Iron Grill is capable of fulfilling all your needs with its versatile features.

With a flip-door, the charcoal section can be kept an eye on for the intensity of fire and the temperature can be easily regulated. The grill has adjustable height which can also be used for the same purpose to ensure a precise control on the heat.

The Lodge Grill is an environmentally-safe and healthy-to-use option as it is not coated with any kind of chemicals or synthetics. Instead, the company has the entire product seasoned with pure vegetable oil. If you want to experience the hibachi-cooking in its entirety, this grill is a must have!


  • Adjustable height and flip-door for regulation of temperature
  • Can be used by individuals of all skill levels
  • No chemicals or synthetics have been used, grill is seasoned with 100% vegetable oil


  • Vulnerable to rust


A Small-sized Convenient & Durable Hibachi Grill

An excellent quality grill with compact size, easy-to-grip handles and strong structure

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for the budget-conscious and those looking for an easy-to-carry grill
  • 157 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Marsh Allen Hibachi Grill is a versatile product with a powerful cast iron structure, commendable performance and a large cooking area of 157 square inches.

The grill is incredibly cheap and is easy to move around with its sturdy wooden handles, two for lifting the grill and two more for adjusting the grates, which can be altered to fit three different kinds of positions for convenience. In addition, these come in a curved shape, backed by vertical iron rods to ensure food remains in its place, even if it is accidentally pushed.

With two air ventilation pipes, you can easily regulate the temperature. There's also the option to cook slower or quicker by changing the height of the grates. Since there are two of them which are independently-controlled, heat intensities can be managed in accordance with the food being cooked.


  • Presence of air vents make temperature control easy
  • Two separate grates that can be adjusted for more or less heat exposure
  • Curved grates and vertical rods to ensure food doesn't fall off, should it get accidentally pushed


  • The wooden handles are too close to fire, the ones attached to the grates are prone to being constantly weakened by the heat


The Most Cost-effective & Versatile Hibachi Grill 

The ISUMER Hibachi Grill offers a large cooking surface area with convenient features and a body with detachable parts

Quick Summary

  • A good choice for advanced users and those who do not mind going through assembling process
  • 175 sq in of cooking surface
  • Price: $

The ISUMER Charcoal Hibachi grill is the only stainless steel option in our list and one which is completely detachable due to its flexible design.

The grill does need assembling before it can be used. Although it is not complex, it is still not a beginner-friendly process. Generally, once assembled, that's all there is to it. The legs are detachable and that's the only part you need to be concerned about when travelling.

With an easy to clean sturdy structure, this model has adjustable height which can be altered to one's personal preferences. The ISUMER Hibachi Grill has the largest cooking surface area in this guide so it's a good choice for all occasions.


  • Stainless steel is more resilient against rust than iron
  • Detachable legs make the grill portable and convenient enough for travelling
  • Adjustable height allows more or less exposure of grates to the heat


  • Requires assembling

4. ​​Bruntmor Pre-Seasoned Hibachi-Style Portable Cast Iron Charcoal BBQ Grill

Conveniently Designed, Easy to Lift & Ideal For Outdoors

The Bruntmore Hibachi Grill can be used at any kind of occasion as it can cook anything from vegetables to meat products

Quick Summary

  • A good choice for any skill level, ideal for picnics and camping trips
  • Approx. 100 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Bruntmor Charcoal BBQ Hibachi Grill is small-sized and ideal for backyard cooking, picnics, camping and beach adventures. With portable and powerful iron structure, the grill offers the same strength of durability as would a standard bulky large model.

This grill is easy to clean and can be used for cooking any kind of vegetable or meat products. It comes with a flexible handle to effortlessly carry its 15kg body. There are air vents and doors located on the charcoal section for temperature regulation.

The charcoal pieces are able to be locked in with a separate fire grate which ensures none of the burning coals come out. Overall, the Bruntmor Hibachi Grill is a good product with commendable performance.


  • Small size and portable handle makes it easy to carry the grill
  • Lightweight at 15 kgs
  • Usable at any kind of occasion


  • Available only from a selected few sellers

5. Cajun Classic Round Seasoned Cast Iron Charcoal Hibachi Grill

A Small Sized Grill With Super Portable Structure

The Cajun Classic Round Grill is convenient for travelling and can be easily lifted with one arm. It can also reached incredible levels of heat quickly.

Quick Summary

  • Ideal for those looking for a mini-grill with super strong structure
  • Approx. 100 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Cajun Classic Hibachi Grill is an absolute replication of the traditional Japanese hibachi-style cooking with its spherical structure and a wide 15 inch diameter that is capable of holding 4 small-sized burgers at once.

This one is best used for camping trips and family vacations as the grill cannot cater to the needs of too many people at once. However, tiny parties and small gatherings are also good enough for Cajun Classic.

In comparison with the other grills in our list, the Cajun looks small yet it is slightly heavier, weighing at 42 pounds. It is possible for this to be lifted alone by a single individual as long as both arms are used (for effortless lifting).


  • Compact size allows easy maintenance and management
  • Effortless to carry and beginner-friendly for cooking
  • Powerful and sturdy cast iron structure


  • Spherical cooking surface limits and wastes a lot of space 

The Different Types of Hibachi Grills

The shape of a hibachi makes it ideal for outdoor cooking. The translation (fire bowl) basically says it all; a bowl or tubular base, with a grill on top.

Best hibachi grills can be classified into two distinct groups, gas fired or charcoal fired, and can be made of ceramics or metal.


The gas-fired hibachi is a more recent innovation. Using propane as a fuel source, food is cooked clean, a perfect solution for those who do not want a charcoal aftertaste. The technical premise is the same as a larger propane-fired barbecue; a small propane tank (ie: Coleman’s) is attached to a valve at the bottom of the hibachi, which then produces flammable vapors at a constant rate. The advantages of gas over charcoal are a consistent amount of heat and a pure-tasting food result. The only problem is that these hibachis leave you with numerous small, empty propane tanks which must be disposed of in the proper manner.


Charcoal-fired hibachis have not changed much since their invention. Charcoal is placed at the bottom of the grill, and then lit. An intense heat is produced which can last for hours. Most charcoal grills have adjustable racks so that the distance between heat and food can be altered. As well, charcoal hibachis allow the cook to build a two-level fire, meaning that the heat on one side may be much less intense then the heat on the other side. This is perfect for keeping food warm, but not overcooking it (such as a finished hamburger). If space on the grill is an issue, secondary, or tiered grills can be added to accommodate more food.

Charcoal imparts a subtle taste to anything barbecued over it; many BBQ enthusiasts choose charcoal hibachis solely for this reason. The only downside is that it takes a bit of time to get used to cooking with charcoal. There will usually be one or two vents near the bottom of the hibachi which can be adjusted to regulate the heat. It can be a bit tricky to get used to, but with experimentation, this is easily overcome. Charcoal briquettes can also easily be disposed of, making them more environmentally-sound then empty propane tanks. 

Metal Hibachis:

Metal is the material of choice for hibachi manufacturers. It is highly durable, radiates heat better, and cooks more evenly. The most commonly used metals are cast iron and copper, but there is a growing trend towards aluminum. Beware, though… Cheaper aluminum models have been known to rust out in a very short period of time. BBQ experts suggest purchasing a solid cast iron model, as they are proven to last for numerous years. When it comes to metal hibachis, price will dictate quality.

Ceramic Hibachis:

Ceramic hibachis are generally used as decorative or heating pieces, but may have a grill placed over top for rustic cooking. The design of ceramic hibachis has not changed much since early Japan and China; a deep bowl, tapering out at the top. These hibachis have a reputation for beauty and elegance, and are considered to be more like art pieces than practical cooking devices. Antique dealers run a lucrative trade by selling older ceramic hibachis, with some going for many thousands of dollars. A ceramic hibachi makes a great addition to an outdoor patio or deck, providing comfort, warmth, and a place to roast marshmallows.

Cooking with a Hibachi

Due to the small size and intense heat produced by a hibachi, the first and foremost rule when cooking is to use smaller food items, such as thin strips of meat, hamburgers, or kabobs. This is absolutely imperative because the food will either be burnt to a crisp on the outside, or not cooked fully on the inside.

Grilling on the best hibachi grills offer many cooking options. The grill is perfect for searing meat, and if the fire is built properly, plenty of space can be devoted to slow grilling or roasting.

Small strips of meat, usually beef or pork, cook especially well on a hibachi. The strips are laid perpendicular to the grill pattern and left to cook for about two minutes on each side, depending on the intensity of the fire. This method is a wonderful treat for a family dinner. By placing the hibachi in the middle of the table, everybody gets to try their hand at being chef.

Kabobs are also ideal for cooking on a hibachi, with poultry being the meat of choice. The key to a perfect hibachi-cooked kabob is to marinate it in a sweet and sour sauce for 6 – 8 hours, then allow for about five to seven minutes of cooking time on both sides, less if no meat is involved. Again, cooking time will depend on the intensity of the heat. Make sure to keep a steady rate of heat, or cooking times may be thrown out of proportion.

It is important to have a grill with numerous slats, as this will help to eliminate food drippings and prevent food from falling into the charcoal or burners. As well, regulation of the heat produced will ensure safe cooking. Always make sure that meat products are cooked to an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Any surfaces coming into contact with poultry should be washed before further use to avoid cross-contamination.

For a treat, take the family out to a restaurant that specializes in hibachi grilling. Professional hibachi cooks pay as much attention to the artistry of their work as they do to cooking the food. Some of these restaurants will have a hibachi grill in the centre of the table, and waiters will simply serve drinks and raw meat, allowing their guest to cook for themselves. This is a unique dining experience.

Why Hibachi Grills Are Popular

For many BBQ enthusiasts, the hibachi offers the most flavorful experience. The grill in the hibachi is located much nearer to the heat source than in other types of barbecues. This allows for two distinct advantages: A charcoal hibachi will have a much greater impression on the overall taste of the food product, and food will be cooked swiftly, capturing much of the natural taste. There's nothing like a Sizzling Steak cooked on a charcoal hibachi

Another taste advantage is the versatility of products which can be prepared on a hibachi. Due to this, each successive dish conveys a taste of the one before it, resulting in a flavor delight. With careful planning, barbecued ambrosia can be obtained!

But the simplest and most profound taste advantage of a hibachi grill is the ambiance. Hibachi grills are social items, recalling weekend gatherings, camping trips, friends and family. Nothing tastes better than food enjoyed with loved ones.

Using a Hibachi Grill Safely

Like any product utilizing heat or flames, hibachi barbecues should be treated with respect. Safe usage will prevent injuries as these grills are renowned for their ability to reach extreme levels of heat in a short period of time.

Place the hibachi on a sturdy surface – a flat, level surface will keep the hibachi from rocking or wobbling when food is turned on it. The briquettes in a charcoal hibachi could prove dangerous if the grill were to turn over.

Use in an open space – Make sure to choose a cooking area with plenty of ventilation and with no trees or shrubbery overhead. Also make sure to not wear loose clothing while cooking on a hibachi, as hanging strings or baggy pants can easily ignite.

Keep a bucket of water at hand – Should the hibachi tip over or the food light on fire, quick action will hinder any major damage. Always be prepared by filling a bucket with water before the hibachi is lit.

Summing Up What You Learned


Our Top Pick Again


The Finest Hibachi Grill Available In The Market

The Lodge Cast Iron Grill comes at an affordable price and a premium quality iron structure, making it durable, strong and long-lasting.

Top 12 Best RV Grills Of 2020 – [Propane, Gas, Tabletop]

RVing is one of those activities that can bring an entire family together and be remembered for a lifetime. Many would argue that an RV trip is not the same without a grill. There's something about being on the road and making good homemade food that ties the whole trip together. Choosing the wrong RV grill can be a nightmare, that's why we're here to help you make all the right choices.

Top 12 Best RV Grills of 2020

We did the time and came up with the top 12 RV grills so you didn't have to!. We have dedicated over 40 hours of long research and comparison to make sure you make the best choice you can.

Short on time? Heres a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!






*Best Overall


A powerful grill capable of tackling anytype of food,affordable price and excellent reputation

*Most Aromatic


A grill with an effective design and nice accessories, works great for rvs

*Best Spray/Liquid


A phenomenal grill that looks like a tank and cooks like one too!

1. Weber Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

A name brand you can trust with the power you need

The Weber Q1000 is perfect for those looking for a propan burner with a kick.

Quick Summary

  • 205 Square feet of cooking service make this a keeper
  • 8,500 BTU's
  • Price: $

Our very first grill comes out ready for business, Weber, the brand you'll see a few times on this top list.

It's a stainless steel counter grill, which I find essential in almost any propane grill I wind up getting.

Additionally, it helps that this burner can generate 8,500 BTUs (British thermal units) of heat, which will be more than sufficient to meet almost any RV owners needs. Though I do tend to prefer propane grills which have more than one burner, given the caliber of this specific burner, I do not believe this factor is going to be a problem.

Additionally, it has an unlimited control burner valve that provides you total control over the grilling experience. All you have to do is dial in the heat settings you need, and this grill will be ready to go.

There was one reoccurring problem in the client testimonials that was quite interesting. It looks like this grill may break down after a couple of years of use, but it was not common enough to dissuade us from buying.


  • Easy Ignition and setup with 8500 BTUS
  • Cast aluminum construction
  • Control burner lets you set any setting you like for grilling


  • Some customer issues with warranty

2. Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill

A Specialist 360 Degree Cleaning Brush

The Kona 360 is made with a unique design with three separate brushes joined together, making cleaning super easy, effortless and quick

Quick Summary

  • 285 Square feet of cooking service make this a keeper
  • 20,000 BTU's
  • Price: $

I would look at the Coleman Road Trip Portable Propane Grill LXE if you're looking for the very best portable grill for RVs around. Its excellent for picnicking, camping, and tailgating. Among its remarkable capabilities is that the 20,000 BTUs of heat it provides to its grilling surface, can spread out approximately 285 square inches.

I found it fast and straightforward to install; also, I managed to prepare the grill in only a couple of minutes. Additionally, I discovered that it folds up easily. It includes wheels along with a big handle that promotes simplicity in moving it around. Moreover, it has cast iron plates with ceramic coating as well as a detachable grease tray.

Another advantage of this grill is the fact that it includes independent control knobs. Two side tables are also included. You merely need to hook them up in the event you require extra prep space.

Additionally, there's a thick lid, which functions in preventing insects from penetrating. Finally, it comes with a 16-ounce propane cylinder (disposable), InstaStart technologies, which ensures matchless and effortless lighting, plus some built-in instrument holders.


  • Up to 20,000 BTU's
  • Instastart button does away with lighters
  • Easy setup


  • Durability of the paint can be low

3. Camco Olympian 5500 Portable Gas Grill

The Grill that makes food taste amazing at a fair price

The Camco Olympian is a great portable grill that has great rust free coating and materials making sure it will satisfy and keep cooking for years to come.

Quick Summary

  • 180 Inches of large cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTU
  • Price: $$

Delicious, tasty, and smoky, this BBQ is the life of the party. When away from home and your thinking of having some bbq you're covered with the ideal RV grill the Camco Olympian 5500.

It's made out of durable materials, such as stainless steel which ensures a corrosion-free and rust-free grill which also provides long-lasting use of this product with a warranty which we can count on.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the mobile gas grill is the fact that it fits perfectly for RV usage, and that is due to its lightweight structure, which makes it portable everywhere.

You'll also appreciate it's large cooking area reaching around 180 inches, allowing us to cook in larger batches compared to other versions.

More so, I love that this version provides simple connectors, permitting us to link it to our propane supply in moments.

Additionally, I like the Camco 57305 because it is made from top quality materials with a smart layout. You may use it as a tabletop outside grill or while connected to a rig.

There's also no assembly needed on the grill.

All in all, the Camco grill is among the very best RV grills in its class. It warrants another look if you're trying to find a dependable and durable grill which you could use for several years.


  • Durable anti corrosive build
  • Decent cooking size to BTU Ratio
  • Made with RVs in mind


  • Some have complained about a lack of instructions, but its pretty easy to use

4. Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

One of the best propane grills on our list

The Weber Q 2200 is a grill that just keeps on kicking, its predecessor the 1000 is also a great choice but this one comes with the added benefit of more cooking surface

Quick Summary

  • 12,000 BTUs
  • stainless steel power burner
  • Price: $

This Weber RV grill the Q2200 liquid propane grill comes from a pristine reputation from the Weber company who have always provided great grills and are known for it.

This grill does not have a lot of differences from the other Weber we have discussed however it does come together with 12,000 BTUs of stainless steel burner power so you should not have any problems getting the correct heater temperature you need to grill to perfection. To be honest, it may be a little bit overkill, but that's why the Weber comes with a limitless control burner valve for this version.

This grill comes with some large foldable side tables, and this makes sense since it provides excellent storage space for essential materials for grilling like your standard tongs or spices. Frankly, this addition may not seem like a huge deal by you will welcome it once you finally get down to grilling.

Overall this version is almost the same as the other Weber version, which is not a terrible thing; however, the only downside here is the grill may be pricey. If you're looking for a deal you best search somewhere else since with this grill you're going to get what you paid for.


  • 12,000 BTUs large cooking surface
  • a great stainless steel design make sure that it will last
  • comes with the great burner valve


  • the grill is a little bit pricey

5. Flame King RV Mounted Motorhome Gas Grill

The grill that was made for the RV

This grill comes with some extra excellent features and it comes with the added benefit that it was made distinctly for RVs

Quick Summary

  • 214 in.² of cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTUs
  • Price: $

The flame King RV gas grill is a whole brand channel of grills that deliver portability and great convenience.

One of the great benefits of this gas grill is that it fits perfectly in an RV and does not occupy much space. It also comes complete with different components and accessories, including a fire control thermometer along with a grill deck. With these great items, the grill comes ready to use and abuse on your RV cookouts and picnics.

Additionally, this grill also includes a large cooking surface which lets you prepare bigger batches of barbecue meals and dishes. This 214 in.² Cooking surface enables you to save work and time. You can also use this grill as either a freestanding or a mountable grill which provides you with more choices.

Grillers will appreciate that the grill can be fastened closed securely because of its double locking lid. This version comes designed using a locking retainer which hooks and is attached on mounts.

Additionally, the grill comes complete with many attachments such as a mounting bracket which allows for simple mounting anywhere you choose.


  • made expressly for RVs so it comes with the great mounds
  • can be used as a freestanding real
  • strong BTUs for cooking


  • some reported the thermometer had issues

6. Pit Boss Grills 75275 Stainless Steel Two-Burner Portable Grill

Great for your everyday RV griller

This grill continues the pit boss tradition of great quality and excellence by bringing together good features with better materials

Quick Summary

  • 430 in.² of cooking surface
  • 10,000 BTUs
  • Price: $

The pit boss grill is a name you don't usually hear about in grills; however, over the years they are starting to make white an impression.

The 75275 is a grill that can hold its own with a 430 stainless steel body and a lid construction that tops in at a 304 stainless steel grid. This thing is built to last.

The 10,000 BTUs it comes with are perfect for being able to cook almost everything and make sure you get the most out of the grill.

The grill comes with a portable design that includes folding legs and a latching hook for carrying it, which allows you to make this grill portable and efficient anywhere you go.

The push and turn ignition and thermometer allow you to keep an eye on the temperature of food inside and give you the ultimate cooking experience.

Overall this is one of the better options for grilling, and the price is right.


  • push and turn ignition and a thermometer
  • folding legs and latch hook
  • great stainless steel construction


  • a little pricey

​7. Smoke Hollow Stainless Steel TableTop Propane Gas Grill

Great for large picnics

A great alternative to the options we have listed this grill comes with the added benefit of a cheaper price tag and more features.

Quick Summary

  • A great choice for those budget hunters, 10,000 BTUs
  • 200 ft.² of cooking surface
  • Price: $

When you compare the best charcoal grill for RVs or any other grill for that matter, you need to have a look at the Smoke hollow 205.

Its strong stainless steel structure makes it a long-lasting and higher and pick. You'll never fail with this hollow version since they also provide good support and a good warranty.

Additionally what's great is that it's very lightweight and portable you can take it anywhere where your camping or tailgating or even a picnic.

It also has a very large cooking surface of up to 205 ft.². This makes it perfect for our weekend cookout with the family. I would also like to mention that it is made from very high-quality chrome-plated heating racks.

This grill can also be used for any outdoor occasion. It functions on a propane cylinder that you need to purchase separately. Additionally, this model can produce up to 10,000 BTUs for rapid and efficient cooking. It's also equipped with cushioned legs making storage and set up much simpler.

The grill also comes with some great easy to use front carry handles that make it simple for storage and movement.


  • great cooking surface with 205 ft.²
  • can produce up to 10,000 BTUs for rapid cooking
  • comes with some great front carry handles


  • a little pricey

8. Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill

The feature packed grill option

The Giantex comes with a thermometer and multiple options and addons that make it a great grill

Quick Summary

  • Built in thermometer and easy to use quick start ignition
  • 20,000 btus
  • Price: $

Among the best RV grills around is the Giantex. It is created out of solid and compact materials. If your family enjoys cooking and picnicking, by the lake or at the campsite, you may need to consider this dependable grill that is packed with excellent features and functionality.

I find the Giantex impressive since it's not hard to prepare. You just have to invest under 10 minutes of time to set up, and its good to go.

You'll also appreciate this version includes two stainless steel burners, totaling a whopping 20,000 BTUs. This type of heating capability makes it a perfect BBQ grill which allows us cook longer and better.

If you're searching for a trusted grill, then you may love this tabletop grill which accompanies a two-burner system together with dedicated control knobs along with digital ignition. You will also enjoy the endless cooking options the grill can provide. It's far better than other mobile grills.

It's also quite portable it includes a comfortable carrying handle, folding legs and a locking cap, allowing for simple transfer from 1 spot to another.

This version can also be ideal in regards to cooking big meat cuts and utilizing manual grilling on the two-burner grill.

This item is mobile which means it weighs more than 25 pounds, you can take it everywhere and its small enough to keep in an car where space is at a premium.


  • Great construction including a cooking grate and functionality to work with a 20lb propane tank
  • Has two stainless stel burners that let it get up to 20,000 BTU
  • Build in thermometar and a quick start ignition!


  • Issues with durability of the thermometer

9. Cuisinart CGG-306

10. Cuisinart CGG-180TB

11. Kuuma Camco 58140 Stow N' Go 125 Gas Grill

12. Blackstone Grills Portable Gas Grill

What makes a good grill great?

In this section were going to cover a lot of the basics of getting a great RV grill. Some of these basics include finding one that is the type that's right for you. Choosing the correct materials. And making sure the grill has all the features and functionality that you're looking for. We cover the majority of your questions in the FAQ and if something is an covered feel free to leave us a comment and will later added to the guide.

Why you need a RV grill

So you're thinking about buying an RV grill, and you're trying to figure out whether it's worth it. There are a considerable amount of advantages to having an RV grill and adding it to your Rick, and some would argue that the RVing experience is not the same without it.


You don't need to be concerned about adding too much weight to your rig using this grill since it's lightweight and compact. It doesn't weigh the same as conventional grills, and the weights allow it to be much more maneuverable than the traditional models.

Significantly less expensive

These grills cost a lot less than the traditional grill versions, which is thanks to the manufacturers making these as mobile as possible, which in turn reduce the price. Don't make the mistake of thinking just because their mobile and cheap they will break down on you, some of these grills are rated to last as long as your RV!


Because of their portable design, these grills can be taken to picnics, and other events with absolutely no power hook up, or electricity required all you need is your tank of gas this makes them multipurpose and not only useful for RVs.

Types Of RV Grills

  • Propane Grills: if you need to choose a grill for your RV we can pretty much and this section right here. Propane grills are by far the most common and the most portable RV grills available they beat all other competitors because of the fact that with a small tank of propane you can do the majority of your grilling with little to no issue. You will find almost all the major RV grill models out there are based on propane.
  • Electric grills: These are far less popular however they do have their place one of the best features of these is the fact that they can survive off your RVs battery and not need any propane. However this can also be a negative as too much drain on your RV battery can lead to problems of its own and a lot of people prefer the taste of a gas grill to an electric.
  • Charcoal grills: these grills are not chosen very often by RV goers unless they have a distinct love for that smoky flavor and they like to cook outdoors. For obvious reasons you cannot use a charcoal grill indoors and if you are going RVing to a cold area you may prefer to do all your cooking indoors rather than no outside in the blistering cold and set up your charcoal grill.


How Many BTUs Do I Need?

How many temperature control knobs do i need?

The majority of these grills will only come with one temperature control knob but there is a consideration of whether or not you're looking for one with two burners if it has two burners you have to look for to control knobs otherwise it could get a little annoying cooking at the same temperature for both different types of foods.

How much surface area do i really need?

A lot of the charcoal grills out there will not have a heating tray or holding space. You have to work out how much grill area you're going to want.

A lot of these mobile units are large enough to cook for a set of 2 to 4 people; however, some may cook for as many as six. You need to be aware of how many you're going to be serving.

Cooking a wholemeal on the great is going to require a lot more room than something smaller like grilling a few fish. This is why the larger the size, the more expensive the grill gets.

The typical cooking grade is going to maintain about 12 hamburger patties with the typical Patty being about 4" x 4" with enough space between them for good cooking.

A big take away here is looking for a grill that can maintain 100 in.² Cooking area per individual your cooking for.

What type of burners do I really need?

You should search for burners that are made from stainless steel or brass because aluminum will corrode easily and a cast-iron will also erode. Stainless with an 18 – aid evaluation or 304 grade is the very best for corrosion resistance.

To shield burners from Greece straining most propane grills are going to have metal deflectors between the toaster and grate this will also help to create a more even heats reducing hotspots on the grates.


The best type of great will help you hold the heat within the cooking area and run the heat directly to the food without any heat pockets which is also the best way to get those famous char marks.

There are three main types of grates

Cast-iron grates which are excellent for conducting and holding warmth but they will rust with no treatments from things like cooking spray. These are a decent option

Chrome and nickel plated grates. These are fitted with wiring which makes them very light weight and easier to move around however this comes as a negative as well since they do not heat up as easily as their stainless steel counterparts.

Stainless steel grates. These are great except for the fact that they do not conduct heats as well as the cast-iron version. However the ease of production of these have made them to go to choice for the majority of people.

Do I need a ignition feature?

In this day and age the majority of grills will now come with a spark ignition system however there are still some grills that come with only the ignition a whole which gives you a small hole in the side where you can stick a candlelight or or a barbecue lighter or even a long match.

Should I Get a Grill That Uses Natural Gas or Propane?

Almost all portable grills run on exclusively propane. This is because the hook up to a natural gas line would be very expensive.

What materials should I be looking for?

the materials of the grill can be extremely important while you don't want your grill to rust easily you also don't want to overspend and get bulky and heavy parts that you don't really need. The quality of materials here are essential because going to light and flimsy can lead to a terrible grill experience.

To test your grill you need to apply the basics in a few logical tasks to make sure it's fine. We would first recommend that you try moving the grill around to make sure that it securely fastened and doesn't have any loose pieces, we would also recommend you check for any sharp edges that can cut you. Another thing to check is the handle and you want to make sure that the grill can be held without issue.

Regarding materials it's similar to what we discussed with the grill grates. Aluminum material can eventually become discolored and rusted from barbecue heats and the thinner the material that's used the quicker it's going to look damaged. in comparison cast-iron material is extremely durable and it's heavier this would be the choice if pricing is an option. Finally as a last option we have enameled steel which does not rust but it is prone to chipping.

What transport options are available?

The transport features can really depend on what you want to use it for you need to ask yourself a few questions. Will the grill sit flat on my truck bed or in my car or does it have a stand at the end that will protrude. Is there some sort of travel casing that will make it easier to put within my car or RV without scratching surfaces. is there a lid or a latch to make it easier to carry. Does my model come with wheels..

How much fuel is enough?

Alot of these grills come with smaller propane tanks which are the perfect size for transport. There is an option to purchase a conversion kit to convert a 20 pound propane tank for those longer trips.

Are shelves important?

Shelves are not necessary but they can be great for added storage area while your cooking, these are more a preference and a nice to have than a need to have.

Assembly required?

Dont worry, most of these units come ready to go and wont require any specialized tools to assemble, some may just need assembly for the propane tank.

The End

The best RV grills are and will continue to be the focal point of great food on the go. Our guide has hopefully allowed you to learn a little bit more about what features and questions you need to ask to make sure you get the perfect product. if you see a model you like don't be shy click and get started on your grilling experience.

Our Top Pick Again

1. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

The best RV Grll Around

The best girll out there today for RVing is the weber q1000, one of the best grills out there with great BTU ratings and great square footage.

Top 5 Best George Foreman Grills of 2020 – Grill Like The King

Grilling has always been a favorite activity for families everywhere. Who doesn’t love hanging out in the porch while enjoying good company, the lovely spring weather while some steaks and burgers slowly roast on the grill?

Having a high quality grill can bring life, and a whole lot of flavor and aroma, into any occasion or celebration. Even an ordinary meal can be made special with the help of George Foreman.

Top 5 George Foreman Grills

There is a multitude of factors to keep in mind before ordering George Foreman grills. If you start to browse for yourself, you are likely to be lost because of their super diverse and distinct range of grills, ranging from electric, gas, propane, outdoor, indoor and combination.

In this guide, we have done all the work for you by compiling a list of the five best George Foreman grills available in the market today. All the grills have been selected on the basis of their reputation, customer feedback, features and durability.

Short on time? Heres a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!






*Best Overall


​An excellent and high performance model by George Foreman. It is easy to maintain and clean.

*Most Technological


A highly efficient grill with sleek design, superb performance and easy-to-clean structure

*Most Budget-Efficient


Super affordable grill at an incredibly small size, lightweight and easy to carry around

1. ​George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

The Most Advanced and High-end George Foreman Grill

An excellent and high performance model by George Foreman. It is easy to maintain and clean, and is incredibly small size, making it the perfect travelling grill.

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for individuals who are in need of a small size, lightweight, portable grill with superior performance
  • 60 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill with Removable Plates makes it easy to prepare healthier meals.

It comes with a 60 inch removable grill plate that can be used for cooking many dishes in a single instance. It applies heat to both sides of your food for a faster cooking time. It also works to eliminate up to 42% of fat as you cook. The bottom plate is sloped and designed to move grease away from your food as it cooks.

The grease is channeled into the included drip pan for easy clean up and removal. All you have to do is dispose of the grease and remove the plates. The drip pan and plates are dishwasher safe so there is no scrubbing involved.

The plates are designed in a way that ensures your food is evenly heated so there is no need to move it around as it cooks. Simply place it on the grill, close it down and take it out when it is ready. Once you are done leave it on the counter for next time or tuck it away to keep your kitchen open. It also comes with a spatula designed specifically for the grill plates.


  • Small size and lightweight makes it easy to carry and travel with
  • Grill pan and plates are dishwasher-friendly so cleaning is easy
  • Modern and sleek design makes it look quite attractive


  • The cooking surface is small, can't cook for too many people at once

2. ​George Foreman Multi-Plate Evolve Grill

A Multi-Featured Grill With Digital Control Panel

The Multi-Plate Evolve Grill is a highly efficient grill with sleek design, superb performance and easy-to-clean structure

Quick Summary

  • Ideal choice for travelers and those looking to grill more than just meat
  • 70 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The George Foreman Multi-Plate Evolve Grill with non-sticking removable plates is the Amazon's choice for George Foreman grills. If you enjoy the taste of food that has been grilled outside but don’t always have the time, this is the product for you.

It boasts a large cooking surface area so you can fit a variety of different foods. This grill isn’t just good for meat. You can also make grilled cheese, vegetable, meat, waffles and even paninis. The plates are designed to provide even heating throughout and are completely non-stick for easy cleanup. The grooves are designed to channel fat directly into the accompanying drip pan making your food much healthier.

On top of all this, the George Foreman grill plates are covered with ceramic coatings that prevents it from being susceptible to rust. Simply turn it on and adjust the desired temperature. You can monitor this with the convenient LED display which comes in the form of an advanced control panel. The nonstick plates are completely dishwasher safe along with the additional accessories. This grill is definitely worth a try for anyone who loves the George Foreman grills brand. It looks and performs great.


  • Small structure makes it very portable and easy to carry
  • Heats up incredibly fast and is excellent at searing
  • Digital control panel makes it easy to read the temperature


  • Floating hinges might become loose over time
  • Not the best in terms of durability and sturdiness

3. George Foreman GR10B Grilling Machine

A Budget-Efficient Grill With Excellent Performance

Super affordable grill at an incredibly small size, lightweight and easy to carry around

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for those who are budget-conscious and are still looking to make a good investment
  • 36 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The George Foreman GR10B Grilling Machine offers a great solution for when you need something cooked quickly.

It features a sleek space efficient design with 36” of cooking area. The grill plates have been designed to heat evenly and deliver a consistent mount of heat to all areas of your food. The top plate lowers to cook your food thoroughly with no need to turn or flip, and the bottom plate slopes to channel grease and fat away from the food you are cooking. This helps to keep foods from “frying” giving your food a clean grilled flavor.

You can cook a variety of different foods on this grill. It is perfect for all meats like chicken, beef and even fish. You can also cook vegetables to perfection and create Italian style Paninis ’s that are out of this world.

If you like a thick sandwich, that’s not a problem. The hinges adjust to accommodate larger portions. The plates are also non stick which makes cleanup a snap. Simply remove the drip pan and dispose of its contents, then wipe the plates down with a moist towel. The drip pan is dishwasher safe.


  • Extremely affordable price
  • Dishwasher-friendly pan
  • Efficiently distributes even heat


  • Very small cooking surface
  • Takes time to heat up

4. George Foreman GGR50B 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill

A High Quality Grill With Superb Performance

An impressive outdoor/indoor grill with a massive cooking area, portable design and a detachable stand

Quick Summary

  • Excellent option for anyone looking to buy an affordable George Foreman indoor/outdoor grill
  • 240 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$$

This George Foreman grill features electrically-powered heat control knobs and temperature cool handles. It is powered by 1600 watt so you can start enjoying the experience of grilling right away with your family. You can place this grill in your house, in your kitchen, in your garage, on a boat or many other places. It’s 240 square inches of surface for you to cook your food on. You can grill chicken, burgers, seafood as well as steak and many other types of foods.

The patented dome shaped lid acts as a vent and a wind breaker that will keep the constant air circulating, creating an even heat for your foods. Included is also a sloping rate that draws the oil and fat deposits into a separate tray so it’s not in your food.

The GGR50B weighs just 21 pounds and is incredibly easy to carry around. There is no need to clean ash or refill any gas tanks. You can instantly replace fire with the touch of a button and start grilling.


  • Non-stick coating is easy to clean and comes with a temperature indicator light
  • Removable stand allows the grill to be usable both, indoor as well as outdoor
  • Perfect for apartment residents because of its fully electric system


  • Clumsy to use and not stable enough on its stand
  • Cable heats up quickly
  • The power plug fits loosely in the grill, may come off by itself sometimes

5. George Foreman Grill & Broil 7-in-1 Electric Indoor Grill

A Diverse Grill With Lots To Offer

The Grill & Broil 7-in-1 has a lot to offer with appealing and sleek design, impressive performance and durable body

Quick Summary

  • A multi-purpose grill with lots of functions to offer, an excellent investment for the adventurous cooks
  • 75 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$$

The George Foreman 7-in-1 Electric Grill is a fantastic option for those who are looking to have multiple features at an affordable price, in a single model. You can now grill, broil, griddle, bake, top melt, make waffles and even press panini; all these functions at the tip of your fingers with the Grill & Broil 7-in-1.

With 75 square inches of space to cook on, you can make pretty much any dish you desire with the classical grill marks on your steak. The grill is coated all around with ceramics, making it much more durable and resistant to rust. The grilling plates are also made out of ceramics and with this model, you also get to have extra plates, two for making waffles and a grilling plate to make your breakfast easier than ever.

The high quality technological design of Grill & Broil 7-in-1 features the ability to remove up to 42% of fat from your food without compensating the taste. It also gets rid of any unnecessary grease to make the cleaning and maintenance simple and effortless. The grill also consists of a variable temperature system to allow you precision cooking with the ability to adjust and control the heat for the perfect searing.


  • Has 7 different functions to cook a diverse range of dishes
  • Easy to clean with removable plates, dishwasher-friendly
  • Excellent temperature control system with precision cooking


  • An expensive choice if you are a budget-conscious individual

Why Buy Best George Foreman Grills?

George Foreman is probably the most well-respected and oldest grill manufacturing brand. The business is highly famous for producing the greatest number of grills on the market, all of which are affordable and suitable for everyone to use. They are super efficient in their performance and since most of them are electrically-powered, starting them up is much easier. All the grills are capable of reaching incredibly high temperatures in a very short period of time.


Other than that, the George Foreman grills are technologically advanced with modern designs and top-notch features. It also gets rid of grease and anything unwanted that you don’t normally want on your burgers or food.

These grills are easy to operate, clean, maintain and use. Almost all of them come assembled, by default, so you don't need to worry about what part goes where. Just take them out of the box and start grilling.

Useful Tips When Buying George Foreman Grills

  1. Skill Level

    • Before you decide on what grill you would like to buy, evaluate your skill level first. George Foreman grills is not a very beginner-friendly brand but a little bit of research and reading our guide should make you ready.
  2. Grill Type

    • You should also consider the kind of grill you and your family prefer. For instance, charcoal grills and pellet grills add flavor and texture to the food due to the smoke produced. Smokers allow you to control the flavor of the food by changing the wood or wood chips you use. Meanwhile, gas grills are easier to use and faster to start up, but may not give you as much flavor as charcoal grills. George Foreman is known for creating a diverse range of every type of grill so make sure you know what you are going to buy before you actually start shopping.
  3. Cooking Frequency

    • You should also consider how often you would be cooking and for how many people. If you cook rarely, then it is better to pick a small portable model. Meanwhile, if you love entertaining a large group of family and friends, then it is wiser to invest in a larger George Foreman grill that can handle more burgers or chicken at once. Do remember, though, that the larger ones are for outdoor usage only.
  4. Size

    • Size is a very important consideration when buying George Foreman grills. Consider the available space you have, as well as the storage space. Electric grills are better suited for smaller spaces like apartments and townhouses. You can choose larger grills if you have a large amount of space available. Bigger grills will also require more time to clean. Choose a smaller grill if you want one that is easy to clean.
  5. Features

    • Choose a grill with the features you need. George Foreman grills can come with a wide range of extra features. The most useful features you should look for are work areas at the sides of the grill that can accommodate plates and condiments. Shelves beneath the cooking area might also come in handy. Check if you really need an extra warming area or a side burner for heating up sauces or vegetables.
  6. Cost

    • For many people, cost is an important consideration when it comes to buying a Foreman grill. If you plan to use your grill only a few times within a year, then pick a less expensive grill that still satisfies your needs such as a portable charcoal grill. If you plan to use your grill to entertain lots of family and friends in several events throughout the year, then it may be wiser to invest in the more expensive models of George Foreman grills.

Summing Up What You Learned

Having a George Foreman grill at home provides boundless opportunities for fun and great food. With the huge array of choices available, choosing the right grill can be difficult as the company is known for creating a diverse range of them.

We believe that the selection process can become much simpler and effortless if you are well aware of the features of these grills, their advantages and disadvantages, costs, size, occupying space and other points that may matter specifically to you. Therefore, we hope that this guide helped you narrow down your possible list of choices and enabled you to shortlist the most desirable options.

Our Top Pick Again

1. ​George Foreman 4-Serving Removable Plate Grill and Panini Press

The Most Advanced and High-end George Foreman Grill

An excellent and high performance model by George Foreman. It is easy to maintain and clean, and is incredibly small size, making it the perfect travelling grill.

Best Kamado Grill – Top 10 Kamado Grills of 2020

When the outdoor thermometer moves past 60 degrees, do you start getting excited for grilling season? How about when a grill fills the atmosphere with its aromatic smoke clouds, tickling your nose and teasing your taste buds? Does that sound like you? If so, a Kamado grill can provide you with all these while allowing you the unique ability to experience how cooking was done and what it felt like during ancient times.

Top 5 Kamado Grills

For your convenience, we have done all the work for you by compiling a list of the five best Kamado grills available in the market today. All the mentioned grills have been tested by us and then compared in terms of features, durability, customer feedback and manufacturer's reputation.

Short on time? Heres a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!






*Best Overall


​​A powerful grill with super impressive performance, features and lifetime warranty

*Best Smoker


An affordable grill and an excellent smoker with sturdy built

*Best Budget


An efficient grill with all the required features at a stunningly low price and lightweight structure

1. Kamado Joe Classic II

The King of All Kamado Grills

Unparalleled performance, durability and strength, this is an excellent grill with top-notch features, and a lifetime warranty

Quick Summary

  • The best choice for anyone who is able to afford this beast
  • 406 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$$$

The Kamado Joe Classic II is the king of all ceramic grills. With a large cooking space of 406 sq in, the grill can be an excellent addition to your cooking appliances. It is built out of stainless steel and has a super sturdy structure with a height of just 18 inches, excluding its stand.

Excellent temperature control system: the Joe Classic II is capable of reaching high temperatures of 750 degrees or lows of 225, in between which you can easily maintain the heat in accordance with your cooking style.

Ease of heat maintenance and storage space: there is an integrated thermometer which makes it easy to read the temperature, a vent that can assist in the regulation of heat and air and some side shelves which have enough space to allow cooking accessories.

Cook more at the same time: this grill also has a flexible cooking system, Divide and Conquer, that enables you to cook several food items at distinct temperatures. It is also easy to switch or rearrange the grates by using the grate gripper tool that comes along. Other accessories include stainless steel rack, two grill grates and two ceramic heat deflectors.

The overall weight of this grill is a precise 188 pounds, making it one of the heaviest in our list, but still worthy in every way.


  • Easy to cook with Divide and Conquer system
  • Capable of reaching incredibly high temperatures
  • Large cooking surface area allows more cooking


  • Very heavy in size

2. Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker

A Barbecue Grill With Excellent Smoking Capabilities

The Hamilton Beach's Electric Indoor Searing Grill is an extremely budget-efficient model, excellent for indoor usage with super convenient size

Quick Summary

  • Great choice for those who are looking for a grill which is also excellent as a smoker
  • 314 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The Char-Griller Akorn Kamado is a high quality grill with 314 sq inches of cooking space with cast iron grates. It comes with an additional upper rack that has another 133 sq inches of cooking space. The latter can be used for steaming, boiling or similar small tasks. The Akorn Kamado is capable of reaching 700 degrees and can easily maintain between its high and the low of 200 degrees.

Sturdy and durable body: this grill is strongly built from 22-gauge steel and it has three coatings of this on its walls. The exterior is coated with powder and the interior is coated with porcelain.

Large foldable shelves for storage purposes: there are two metal shelves that can be used for keeping sauces, spoons and spices. They can be folded away when not in use.

Easy to move around: The Akorn comes with a cart of tubular steel with 8-inch rubber wheels. This can be used to move it around with convenience. The weight of this grill is 100 pounds.


  • Large cooking space
  • A beginner-friendly grill with affordable price
  • Very strongly built with triple coatings of steel 


  • The warranty is limited, lasting from 1-5 years

3. Char-Griller Akorn Jr.  

A Super Lightweight Grill With the Cheapest Possible Price

The Akorn Jr. is a portable grill with good performance at an affordable cost, easy to clean and convenient to take along on a trip

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for those who are budget-conscious and are still looking to make a good investment
  • 153 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Char-Griller Akorn Jr is the ideal choice for the budget-conscious. It gives excellent performance at a low price, its sturdy built and weighing at just 37 pounds. Its side handles make it easy to carry it around and its small size make it portable enough to take it along on a camping trip.

Strongly built out of steel: with a 153 sq inches of cooking area, you can easily cook for your family or a party of three. The Akorn Jr, just like its senior counterpart, is made out 22-gauge steel, triple walled, while the interior is coated with enamel.

Good balance and easy to move around: the grill is permanently attached to a set of three robust steel legs that enable it to stand perfectly balanced on even the most jagged surfaces without any risk of being knocked away due to heavy winds. 

Capable of reaching high temperatures and easy to clean: the Akorn Jr, despite its small size, is capable of performing exactly like the larger grills as it can easily blast up to 700 degrees of heat, to a low of 200 degrees and being able to maintain between the two. Along with this, there are vents located at the top and bottom of the grill and an ashtray which makes it super easy to clean after cooking. It does need to be unscrewed though.

Overall, it's a highly affordable grill with commendable performance, small size and with all the features that you commonly look for in a larger grill.


  • Super lightweight body makes it very easy to carry and move around
  • Easy to clean because of a removable ashtray
  • Strong body with triple-walled steel


  • The cooking surface is small
  • More prone to rusting 

4. ​Pit Boss Ceramic BBQ Grill

A good grill with appealing appearance, stylish design and modern features to meet your cooking requirements

Quick Summary

  • An ideal option for those who are conscious about the beauty of their kitchen appliances
  • 158 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$$

The next on our list is the boss itself, the Pit Boss Ceramic BBQ Grill, which is entirely made out of ceramics and has one of the most appealing appearances as a Kamado grill.

Heat-resistant outer shells: due to its ceramic body, its outer shells are super heat-resistant so you don't need to worry about getting burned up in case of an accidental touch. The grill also utilizes its charcoal consumption and uses much less than its rivals of the same size and price.

Enormous cooking surface area: the Pit Boss has an absolutely massive cooking area of 567 sq inches. You can comfortably cook for large parties and all your family in a single instance. Its grates are made out of high quality cast iron while there are wooden side-shelves where you can keep your cooking accessories while the BBQ session is under progress. They can be folded when not in use and their hinges are made out of stainless steel so durability is not at all an issue.

Easy to move around: the grill also comes with a stand that is convenient and easy to move around. The overall weight of this grill is a precise 178 pounds, making it quiet a heavy addition in our list. However, considering that you don't need to lift it up since it has a moving stand, we believe it's worth every penny.


  • Made entirely out of ceramics, so completely resistant to rust
  • Enormous cooking space allows you to cook for many at once
  • Has a non-sticking titanium coasting and ceramic grilling surface


  • Very heavy to handle
  • Not the best quality in comparison with its rivals of similar price

5. Char-Broil Kamander Kamado-Style Charcoal Grill

A sturdy grill with versatile features and a unique version of the standard Kamado grills 

Quick Summary

  • Ideal for those who want a Kamado grill but a modernized version of it
  • 327 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The Char-Broil Kamander is a modern version of the Kamado-style cooking grill. Though it is considered as a best Kamado grill, it is neither made out of steel nor ceramic. But rather, it is a completely metal-made grill which makes it one of the most affordable grills in its own category.

Allows multi-tasking with a warming rack: its primary cooking surface is of 327 sq inches while it also has an additional warming rack with an area of 113 sq inches. These two can be used together for multi-tasking in any way you want. The latter is most popularly utilized for steaming and boiling purposes.

Insulated body with good temperature control system: the entire grill is insulated with dual layers of metal, it has porcelain-coated body with number of vents located on its top to assist in temperature control. The Kamander also has a foldable metallic side-table on its right side. It offers enough space for keeping essential cooking accessories such as sauces and spices.

Easy to move around and well-balanced: the Kamander is movable with a two leg stand and balanced with a blunt leg. The latter's purpose is to ensure stability on the surface while standing.


  • Made entirely out of metal with modern features
  • Sturdy build with porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Easy to move around with convenient stand and a blunt leg to keep it stable and balanced


  • There is only a single shelf for keeping cooking accessories

Brief Background of Kamado Grills

Ceramic barbecue grills/smokers, sometimes referred to as "kamado" grills have gained great popularity over the past decade in both the competition and backyard-enthusiast communities. For the uninitiated, the ceramic grills sold today are based on designs that have been around for centuries.

Many cultures around the world have employed clay cooking vessels that are similar in shape to today’s ceramic smokers. One such cooker, the mushikamado, used by the Japanese as a rice steamer, was the impetus for the grills used by thousands of modern cooks for traditional barbecue, grilling for parties, and everyday meals.

The kamado began to appear in the United States after World War II when servicemen returning from the South Pacific recognized their usefulness in American cooking. Today, there are upwards of ten companies that produce a kamado (or variants), and many design and engineering improvements have been made to the original clay vessel.

Why Choose A Kamado Grill?

For anyone who has tended a fire for hours on-end, or even overnight, to prepare traditional barbecue, smokers are a different experience with similar results. The efficiency of fuel usage, the consistency of fire control, and the flexibility of the types of foods one can cook, and cook well, make the ceramic smoker a popular choice.

A low-and-slow fire for cooking a pork shoulder can be maintained for well over 20 hours using only a couple pounds of lump charcoal. On the other end of the cooking spectrum, a searing fire of 500-plus degrees can be achieved safely for a perfect steak. A competition cook can win a national barbecue contest, and a single backyard cook can feed his or her family or the entire neighborhood with a kamado grill.

Why Are They So Expensive?

For many who have experience with commercial metal charcoal grills or the gas grills available at any home improvement center, the price tag for a Kamado grill might be a shocker. Most of them are priced between 500 and 1000 dollars, depending on the company and the size of the smoker. The quality of the grill, and more importantly, the lifetime warranty that most of these carry, render the grill an excellent investment. If the versatility of the smoker is ignored, simply replacing components (or sometimes replacing the whole unit) when gas grills are considered, Kamado grills will easily save money over a period of several years.

What About The Safety?

This is a common concern when looking for a grill that’s right for you and your family, and the ceramic grill has it all covered. Unlike a larger wood-burning barbecue smoker, the fire is small and contained. Also, the ceramic material does not conduct heat as well as metal, and therefore the surface of the smoker is not as hot to the touch. While ceramic smokers could burn your skin under the right conditions, an accidental touch usually will not cause injury. In addition, unlike the gas grill, there is no chance of a gas leak in a ceramic grill.

Whether your intentions lie in the utility of an occasional excellent meal, or if you are or want to become an "an outdoor cooking hobbyist," Kamado grills are certainly worth a look. With a design that’s existed for centuries, its efficiency and versatility, and its safety factors, these grills are absolutely worth a try.

Summing Up What You Learned

In this guide, we have looked at the five most popular Kamado grills, ranging from the best smokers, the most affordable ones to the modernized versions of Kamado cooking-style.

All the mentioned grills are good in their own way and the right selection depends on the preferences of the buyer. It is no doubt though that Kamado Joe Classic II is difficult, if not impossible, to beat by any of its rivals. The combination of features, style, design, efficiency, performance and what not; it is unparalleled in everything.

The primary objective of this post was to making the decision process easy for you. We are sure you will be able to find what you need to make your next BBQ session a memorable and exquisite one.

Happy grilling!

Our Top Pick Again

1. ​Kamado Joe Classic II

The King of All Kamado Grills

Unparalleled with performance, durability and strength, this is an excellent grill with top-notch features, and lifetime warranty

The Best Electric Grill | Top 10 Indoor/Outdoor of 2020

There is nothing better than getting together with friends and family after a hard week of work and doing a little grilling. Traditionally, people would pull out their grills, light the charcoal and wait 30 minutes to an hour before throwing on the meat. While the finished food had a great taste, most people were tired of buying charcoal and hassling with the cleanup. Enter best electric grills!

In this guide, we have spent over 40 hours putting together research to compile a list of the best electric grill that is sure to satisfy you and your family.

Top 5 Electric Grills

The following list contains the best electric grill in no particular order. Each one has its own pros and cons, technological advantages and price variants. The selected grill have been rated as the "best" based on their performance, cost-efficiency and presence of advanced features.

Short on time? Heres a quick roundup of our top 3 best picks and why you need them!






*Best Overall


​Affordable grill with sleek and modern design, excellent performance and removable stand



The cheapest electric grill with super portable structure and impressive performance

*Most Adaptable


A highly impressive grill capable of cooking in six distinct modes with dual temperature system

1. George Foreman 15-Serving Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill, Silver, GGR50B

A Cost-Effective, High Performance Electric Grill

An excellent grill with high quality performance, convenient design and top-notch features with super affordable price.

Quick Summary

  • An ideal choice for the best electric grill for everyone, especially those who live in apartments or condominiums
  • 240 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The George Foreman GGR50B Indoor-Outdoor Grill will make a great addition to any kitchen; indoors or outdoors. If you are looking for the best electric grill that is high on quality but low on price, you’ve found it.

This electric bbq grill is very efficient and lives up the standards of the famous George Forman line of appliances. 

Quick and easy to use. The process of getting the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor-Outdoor Grill out of the box, assembled, and heated is very straightforward and simple. It is broken down into a manageable number of components so installation is simple and can be done without professional help. The grill heats up within ten minutes of plugging it in, a best quick preheating time considering its wide surface area.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor settings. You’ll be able to use this best electric grill inside your house or take it to picnics and other outdoor activities. It’s just that flexible, best for outdoor and indoor as well. In your indoor kitchen you can set it up on a tabletop or countertop easily while for outdoors usage the George Foreman GGR50B Indoor-Outdoor Grill can easily fit most standard stands or pedestals.

Intuitive design lets you cook a lot of food in one go. This best electric grill has a total cooking surface of 17- inches, enough space to grill food for a small group in one batch. This non-stick grate also has a sloping design so oil and other liquids slide away from the food and into a collection tray for easy cleanup.

Electric heating system means no need for gas and open flames that may cause accidents. The George Foreman GGR50B Indoor-Outdoor Grill runs purely on electricity so you don’t need to worry about charcoal, starters, and the like. Aside from being obviously safer, this also means the grill produces less smoke- a definite plus especially in an indoor grill environment.


  • Easy to cook with non-sticking coating
  • Removable stand for indoor/outdoor usage
  • No charcoal, gas or propane required, a fully apartment-friendly grill.


  • Lightweight, heavy winds can knock it out
  • A bit clumsy which may be bothersome

2. Hamilton Beach 25361 Electric Indoor Searing Grill

The Most Cost-Effective Electric Grill

The Hamilton Beach's Electric Indoor Searing Grill is an extremely budget-efficient model, excellent for indoor usage with super convenient size.

Quick Summary

  • Best for those who are tight on budget and yet looking for a grilling beast
  • 100 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $

The Hamilton Beach Electric Grill makes an excellent addition to your indoor or outdoor cooking appliances. It’s definitely for you if you’re on the lookout for a high- quality but affordable best electric grill. If you live in an apartment or condo, chances are you’re not allowed to use charcoal or gas grill. Why should you have to miss your favorite grilled food just because of that? With the Hamilton Beach Electric Grill, you can grill as much as you desire, wherever you want. 

Super easy and convenient to clean. The Hamilton Beach Electric Grill has a non-sticking plate which makes it easier to clean after your food has been cooked. In the standard grill, it is a notoriously painful process to prevent the inevitable problem. Even better, the best electric grill plates are removable and dishwasher-friendly. You no longer need to tire yourself by scraping the food particles off your grill. Not only does this guarantee to save your time and effort but also keeps your grill in a good and clean condition. Probably the best experience if you happen to grill food.

Includes a powerful heating element that preheats quickly and cooks food in no time at all. The Hamilton has a 1200 watts heating element that allows it to generate high heats in a short time, cutting cooking times. The typical burger, for example, can be done in ten minutes. What does this mean exactly? You’ll be able to cook food fast, saving time and energy.

Watch as your food cooks. This best electric grill has a hood window which allows you to keep an eye on your food and watch it while it sizzles. This is an excellent feature to ensure your food does not go dark or is over-grilled.

Small-sized, easy to transport and portable structure. This best electric grill is small in size and hence easy to carry. It can easily be transported from one place to another due to its portable structure

Features a cooking surface that’s wide enough to accommodate food for four. This electric barbeque grill is equipped with a 240 square- inch cooking surface that’s capable of containing multiple pieces of burgers, steaks, or other food in one batch. You won’t have to worry about whom to serve first- you can get all your cooking done in just one batch.


  • Grill hood, plate and tray are removable and dishwasher-friendly
  • Can cook at 450 degrees or a temperature of your choice
  • Very small in size so easy to carry around and convenient to use


  • Not the ideal choice for first timers as no guide is included on temperature settings for different foods
  • Viewing window lids have a design flaw and can cause cuts if not handled with care

3. Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Deluxe, Brushed Stainless

A Uniquely Diverse Grill With High Performance

The Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler will make a fine addition to your kitchen especially if you live in apartments, condos, or other areas that prohibit open-flame grill.

Quick Summary

  • Excellent for those who are budget-conscious and are still looking to make a good investment
  • 240 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$$

The Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler will make a fine addition to your kitchen especially if you live in apartments, condos, or other areas that prohibit open-flame grill. With its high technology features, you can expect to get better performance than gas grill but without having to worry about smoke. All these are accomplished without compromising food flavor. You don’t have to miss out on your favorite grilled foods just because you can’t use open-flame grill, thanks to the Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler.

Cooks tasty and juicy food of better quality than that of a gas grill. The Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler is capable of satisfying your hunger better than any other grill. In fact, it is so good at imitating the fuel-powered infrared grill that the cooked food will be no less "authentic" than the ones cooked using charcoal. This way, you can take advantage of having the same quality of BBQ sessions that you wouldn't be able to in a charcoal or gas-restricted area.

It is strongly built with a sturdy structure and powerful steel. This best electric grill is made of stainless steel which gives it a robust look and well-built body. There are absolutely no flare-ups, smoke clouds or anything unpleasant. 

Easy use straight from the box. The Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler does not require any kind of assembly and can work as soon as you unpack it. All you need to make sure is to properly plug-in the power and preheat the grill to ensure the best food quality.

Has a dual temperature control system. The Cuisinart GR-150 Griddler Grill has a dual temperature system with which you can cook tortillas on one plate and veggies and meat on the other. Perfect for that motherinlaw that wants to sneak in.

Super large cooking surface area. The GR-150 comes with such a massive cooking area that you can cook up to 6 burgers or 12 pancakes at the same time. This is made possible by the fact that this grill can cook in 6 different positions. These are contact grill, panini press, full griddle, full grill, half grill, half griddle, top melt.


  • Can cook in 6 different ways and positions
  • Dual temperature control allows you to cook two different food items at two different temperatures
  • Super easy to clean, no need to scrap and dishwasher-friendly


  • The power plug is may heat up a bit too quickly
  • Sometimes it can take some time to preheat the plates

4. ​Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Indoor Electric Grill

A non-sticking grill with the ability to completely disassemble, good choice for the first timers.

Quick Summary

  • An ideal option for the first timers as a detailed instruction manual comes with the grill's order
  • 158 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$

The Zojirushi EB-DLC10 best Electric Grill is perfect for you if you’re looking for a small and inexpensive electric barbeque grill that you can use from within the confines of your kitchen without having to worry about smoke. The Zojirushi EB-DLC10 best Electric Grill may be inexpensive, but it is not cheaply made. In fact it is manufactured from industry- grade materials and coated with a non- stick compound to provide you a great cooking surface to make amazing recipes on. Keep on reading to learn more about this grill, its features, and how you can benefit from using it

Provides you with a compact cooking area so you can save space. The Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Electric Grill has a cooking surface measuring 14-7/8 x 10-5/8 inchesenough space to cook food for two. This size makes the electric barbeque grill very ideal for starter families and for people who live in smaller apartments or condos. This appliance will fit right on your kitchen counters without taking up too much space.

A convenient, non-stick surface for easy cooking and cleaning. One of the most difficult parts of the grilling process is saving food from sticking. You can bypass this problem entirely by using this electric barbeque grill; its non-stick cooking area means you won’t have to worry about food getting stuck, ever. Non-stick cooking surface are the best and also easier to clean so you’ll be sure to save time and effort in keeping your grill in good condition.

Smokeless and less of a fire hazard. The Zojirushi EB-DLC10 Electric Grill does not rely on charcoal or gas to function and does not use open flames to heat up its cooking surface. Thus it is less likely to cause fire and other accidents. This also means you can safely use this electric barbeque grill inside the house because it produces virtually no smoke.

Easy disassembly. This electric barbeque grill can be broken down to its different parts very quickly- facilitating easy maintenance and transport if needed.


  • Can disassemble for easy cleaning
  • Large cooking surface area
  • Has a non-sticking titanium coasting and ceramic grilling surface


  • It is not dishwasher-friendly
  • There is no deep dish inner pan
  • Takes time to preheat, difficult to cook frozen meat

5. Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro, 240, Red

A sturdy and premium-quality grill with large cooking surface and infrared electric heating system

Quick Summary

  • Ideal for those who can spare some money for a one-time investment
  • 240 sq in cooking surface
  • Price: $$$$

The Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro uses infrared technology combined with its electric heating system. It is an affordable grill that performs well and is ideal for cooking in apartments or areas where a standard smoke-producing grill wouldn't be allowed.

Large cooking surface allows lots of cooking and grilling. Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro has a cooking surface of 240 sq inches that allows you to cook more food in a single instant. 

An 80 sq inches warming rack allows multi-tasking. This best electric grill also comes with a warming rack that uses the same infrared cooking technology as its primary grill. You can use this rack for multiple purposes such as steaming vegetables or boiling water.

Strongly built with long-lasting durability. The Char-Broil Infrared Electric Patio Bistro Infrared Electric Grill has porcelain-coated cast iron premium-quality cooking grates that are super easy to clean and maintain with their dust-resistant properties.

Consists of a temperature control knob. You no longer need to worry about overheating your food because this grill comes with a temperature control knob that makes it incredibly convenient to adjust the heat. There is also a storage rack for keeping cooking accessories such as plates and spoons if you are a regular griller. There is also a cord management system and large capacity grease tray that is located at a convenient and easy-to-reach location in the grill.


  • Uses Electric TRU-Infrared cooking system technology
  • Sturdy build with porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates
  • Can cook from 8 to 12 hamburgers at a single instance


  • Quite expensive, not a good choice for the budget-conscious 
  • The size is too big, it is difficult to transport and not convenient to take everywhere

How Do Electric Grills Work?

The most basic concept of grilling by the use of electricity is through the process of conduction wherein the transfer of energy by means of heat takes place in the metal plate that is incorporated inside the grill. Sometimes manufacturers use a different plate other than metal that is ceramics plate or known as a ceramics plate burner.

In a ceramics burner heat is dissipated throughout the entire surface by means of radiation not by a direct conduction process. A ceramics plate burner using radiation is a lot more effective and efficient compared to the conduction type metal plate burners because of its fast ability to reach a higher temperature to heat.

Are Electric Grills Worth It?

Even among avid grilling enthusiasts, electric grill is quickly rising in popularity, and for a good reason. Outdoor best electric grill has many of the same benefits of traditional charcoal and gas grill, with a few added features. Although some backyard BBQ geeks will assume that outdoor electric grill can’t provide the same taste, this grill are in fact plenty capable of making great burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken, and more.

Even Distribution of Temperature 

One of the greatest benefits of have the best electric grill is their ability to create even temperatures throughout the surface of the grill. This is a feat that even the best charcoal and gas grill can rarely accomplish.

Even temperatures make for more even cooking, and increase the surface area over which meats can be grilled. Not only can electric grill create even temperatures, electric power allows the grill to be set at a defined temperature. This feature is excellent for grilling pork and large chicken portions.

It is also very beneficial when slow cooking, as the ability to manually set a low temperature takes the guess work out of using charcoal or gas. Knowing the exact temperature of the grilling surface can also greatly reduce the occurrence of burned or undercooked meats.

Electric Grills Are Cheaper

Electric grill also provide many other features aside from actual cooking benefits. They are much more cost-effective than the traditional grill, as there is no need to buy charcoal or lighter fluid. Refilling propane tanks for gas grill can be costly, but with the best electric grill this is no concern—simply plug it in and start cooking.

Usable Everywhere

Apartment dwellers and condominium owners can benefit tremendously from electric grill. Most apartments and condos prohibit the use of charcoal and gas grill on decks, as they pose a significant fire hazard. With electric grill, this is no problem. These machines are no more of a fire hazard than an iron or toaster oven, making them very safe options on enclosed decks and other close quarters. In fact, the nature of electric grill gives them the ability to be used both, indoors and outdoors.

Convenient and Portable

Many are small enough to easily fit on a counter-top, and because they are electric-powered, there are no issues with excess smoke. Electric grill allow owners to enjoy deliciously grilled foods regardless of the weather—something charcoal and gas cannot do. Finally, electric grill are very easy to clean, and many have detachable cooking surfaces which can easily fit in a kitchen sink or be placed in the dishwasher.

Summing Up What You Learned

In this guide, we have looked at the five most popular electric grill, from the most budget-efficient to the ones with supreme technology and high-end features.

However, all of these are unique in their own way and cannot really be compared with one another. If one of these is absent of something, the other may have it and vice versa. According to us, the George Foreman and Hamilton Beach grill will take the top spots as they are not only in the market for several years but have also earned an excellent reputation.

In the end, it comes down to personal preferences, your type of residence, what you like or dislike and your budget. 

We hope this post will make it easy for you to make a decision.

Our Top Pick Again

1. ​George Foreman GGR50B

A Cost-Effective, High Performance Electric Grill

An excellent grill with high quality performance, convenient design and top-notch features with super affordable price.