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Broil King vs Weber

Broil King vs Weber

Updated On January 12, 2021

Without exaggerating, I have tried a lot of grills on the market. Some of the best are both Weber and Broil King. However, many people don't know what the real differences are here.

That's why you need to read this article to know:
  • What are the main differences between both brands?
  • What is the most convenient grill for you?
  • What are the weak points of each grill?
All these points will be useful for you to obtain the right smoker. This will allow you to avoid spending money on the wrong option. At the same time, each one of these devices does not offer the same level performance which we will cover below.

Broil Kings and Weber Grills


Broil King Baron 490

  • Intermediate option
  • Ideal for more than 12 people
  • Cast stainless steel reversible cooking grids
  • Stainless steel baking box with cast aluminum end caps
  • Cooking area 65 x 44
  • Lifetime greater than 10 years

Broil King Imperial XL

  • Premium option
  • Ideal for more than 12 people
  • Cast stainless steel reversible cooking grids
  • Stainless steel baking box with cast aluminum end caps
  • Cooking area 96 x 49
  • Burners with a life span of more than 10 years

Broil King Imperial 590

  • Excellent for more than 12 people
  • Cast stainless steel reversible cooking grids
  • Stainless steel baking box with cast aluminum end caps
  • Burners with a lifespan of more than 10 years
  • Cooking area 81 x 49

Weber Spirit

  • Intermediate option
  • A powered system with a life span of more than 10 years
  • Includes off-road wheels, side hooks, and preparation tables
  • Between 2 and 3 gas burners

Weber Genesis

  • Additional features than the Spirit model
  • Porcelain-enameled steel body
  • Heating grid to an auxiliary table burner (1)
  • Gas cooking

Weber Cumbre

  • 4 to 6 burners
  • High level of BTU
  • High strength steel body
  • Automatic lights included
  • Carbon version available

1. Heat Output

Of course, another of the most important aspects of each of these grills is the cooking area that can be obtained. As the name suggests, you either here or have a certain amount of space that is useful for cooking. So, it is necessary to consider the number of household members when choosing a certain model of the grill. 

Here the disadvantage is in choosing a grill with a cooking area that is too small. Therefore, little space for cooking could generate some inconveniences when the members of the household are too many. On the contrary, a too large cooking area is usually not a drawback. Here a household of few people can enjoy a large cooking area.

As we have mentioned, the vast majority of drinking grills can offer an excellent primary cooking area. As the cooking area is larger than the possibility of cooking different ingredients more appropriate. Of course, we must also add to this that a greater amount of energy is required at the time of cooking.

In the case of a family with four or five members, it is advisable to have a Weber grill. In the same sense, it is also necessary to consider that those families of 3 people or less can count on a Broil King grill. Here the cooking area is usually my least in general although the yield is equal to or greater than Weber.

Even as a cooking area becomes smaller, then the amount of BTU in any grill is better utilized. In other words, the heat should cover a much smaller area of a grill. So, in general, Broil King grills can heat food much faster than Weber grills. Of course, this is a minor difference, as both brands offer excellent results. (2)

2. Grid Material

Here it is necessary to consider that not all grills can provide the same benefits or performance. Therefore, it can be a really important aspect for all those people who use the grill mostly. At the same time, the materials with which a heating grid is constructed can offer different results.

Also, this type of space is usually used to support the food during cooking. Additionally, the functionality of a heating grid is closely related to the burners in the grill. This is why this aspect needs to be analyzed in detail.

When we look again at the Broil King and Weber models, the results are very similar. Each of them can offer excellent results in every cooking. Here, high-performance cast iron is present in each of these grills. So, it's a pair of high-quality grids.

In particular, Weber has one of the best heat retentions. Besides, the probability of rusting is minimal in this model. All this is due to the cast iron that has a porcelain enamel. Even people here will notice that cleaning is much easier in this type of grill. In particular, the porcelain coating can prevent grease and dirt from sticking too much.

On the other hand, the Broil King can provide you with high-level cooking. Here too the heat retention is one of the most efficient, thanks to the high-quality cast iron. So, people who specialize in cooking using a grid will get excellent results. The results of any of these brands are similar so other characteristics should be analyzed.

3. Burners

In particular, burners are perhaps the most important aspect for people in general. A grill can be more or less powerful depending on the capacity of the burners. In principle, two grills include the same number of burners. However, the functionality and results may be a little different between the two models.

On the one hand, we can mention that Broil King is a little more efficient thanks to the specific characteristics of the burners. Here each of the three burners is made of high strength stainless steel. That's why the probability of suffering failures or damages is minimal. Even three burners are double tubes and high efficiency.

Additionally, the Weber models also have excellent burners in its design. Here again, it is necessary to mention that these components are made of high strength stainless steel. However, they are not double tubes so functionality and efficiency are at a lower level. Beyond that, this grill still provides excellent benefits to users.

In principle, the double-tube burners have the characteristic of being much more efficient in every cooking. So, this can be useful to decrease the time needed for a meal. On the other hand, standard design burners can provide more uniform heat but with less power. Of course, the vast majority of Weber grills have these features.

Thus, Weber's design offers greater benefits. In this way, people have the possibility of obtaining a much more versatile grill that can be adapted to different foods. Furthermore, there are still some additional aspects that need to be considered before making a final decision.

4. Life Span

In this case, it is necessary to consider that the life of each grill is related to the warranty provided. In principle, in both cases, users get a large number of years of use. So this manages to provide safe and reliable functionality for a long time. At the same time, the construction provides a certain level of resistance.

There are even other grills that are available on the market with the construction of dubious quality. That is why many of these models do not offer all the advantages that can be obtained with either of these two options. In particular, it is necessary to consider that these two options can provide the warranties and longer lifetimes that are available on the market today.

So, you will notice that this is a set of two grills that have been built to last. So, you can get about 2 years warranty on general components and 10 years warranty for Broil King model burners. So, this may be more than enough time to save you from repair costs.

You should also consider that you get 2 years for the components in general and 10 years warranty for the burners in the Weber model. This is a similar warranty that may vary in some respects. In contrast to the previous model, you get 5 years of protection in case of rusting of the grids.

Also included here are the unit's aroma bars. When we talk about the entire grill lid assembly, then the warranty against rust extends over 10 years. So, without a doubt, this is more than enough time to allow you to rely on each grill. If you are concerned about the functionality of your grill, then the advantage here is on behalf of the Spirit e-310. 

5. Side Shelves

Another of the most important aspects that interest the great majority of people are the shelves of a grill. Here, the particular design of this type of shelf can make a big difference at the time of cooking. In principle, this type of piece of a grill is used for different purposes depending on the type of food.

On the one hand, of course, it is an excellent place to have all the necessary elements and utensils. On the other hand, it is also an efficient space when preparing the ingredients that you will use in the cooking. As the side shelves provide more area, then they will be more profitable.

Here it is necessary to consider that both Weber and Broil King allow you to offer excellent side shelves. You will get the best side shelves in either of these two brands. Of course, the vast majority of grills available today include these components in their design.

As you can tell, the side shelves are just as strong and durable as the rest of the grill. No matter which brand we are talking about, the truth is that both grills can offer excellent results. Highly resistant stainless steel has also been used for this purpose. Beyond that, it is necessary to consider one of the differences between each of these brands.

First of all, the Weber models can offer excellent use on the side shelves. Here you will notice that the time needed for cooking is considerably reduced. This means that you will have all the necessary elements on these shelves.

Secondly, you will be able to get the best result in the Broil King models. The benefit here is that these shelves are easier to use and fold. In turn, the level of resistance is slightly higher than the rest of the grills available on the market. This is certainly a good feature if you want to have a grill for several years.

6. Cost-Benefit Ratio

Last but not least, the cost-benefit ratio is also related to the price of each grill. In particular, each of these options can provide you with exactly what you are paying for. Also, both Broil King and Weber have a wide range of prices that are oriented to different segments of the market. 

Of course, that feature is not the same in both models. Generally, Weber grills are priced higher than the competition. This is true if we consider the different segments of each of these brands.

Even though each of these grills has similar characteristics, the price is usually lower with Broil King. So, you may be wondering why the Weber grills are so expensive.

Simply put, it's often helpful to consider that the energy output is higher as well as the cooking area is larger. In combination, it is also fair to mention that Weber is more popular in the marketplace. So, if you want to get the highest quality and functionality, then you should consider the Weber grills.


As we have mentioned, each of these brands has excellent characteristics. However, the Weber models can offer results of a higher level. Of course, this does not mean that Broil King is not capable of offering excellent advantages. Those users who are not so demanding can benefit from using this latest brand of the grills.

You may also check our comparison review on Weber Spirit vs Genesis, and we have also in detail the Weber Spirit e-330 review. And for other reviews and guides, you may click here. I hope this helps you decide which one fits you and your household.
(1) auxiliary table
(2) BTU

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