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Best Pizza Stone for Grill

Updated On October 15, 2020

Pizza is an incredibly prominent go-to-food option, which is exactly why a large quantity of people who prefer to make pizzas at home is growing significantly. Excelling in the craft of pizza-making demands a great deal of time, energy, and high-quality cooking equipment. Having said that, if you yearn for a delicious pizza in your home, then you ought to buy a pizza stone.

Pizza stones are perhaps among the most popular kitchen equipment items these days. They help make baking pizzas a lot more enjoyable and entertaining. So if you cherish a soft delicious pizza that is uniformly cooked, then a pizza stone is just what you need.

For your convenience, we are going to review the top 10 best pizza stones in the market today, their features, pros and cons, and a lot more. We have chosen the 
Heritage Black Ceramic Pizza Stone as our top pick. Keep reading to find out more.

Short on time? Here's a quick roundup of our top 3 picks and why you need them!
*Best Overall


Has a long-lasting life-span due to its sturdy structure


Thick width and long-lasting lifespan
*Also Great


Sturdy build and thick stone

Top 10: Best Pizza Stone for Grill

Best Overall

The Heritage Pizza Stone is made from a black ceramic stone, so it is an exceptionally resilient and robust product.
Quick Summary
  • Size: 15 inch Round
  • Dimensions: 15.79 x 15.79 x 2.48 inches 
  • Weight: 3.15 lbs 
A premium pizza stone to bake your favorite foods is the Black Ceramic Pizza Stone by Heritage. It is among the best in our list and also in our personal favorites due to its rapid heating system, high-quality and sturdy build, and long-lasting life.

The Heritage Pizza Stone is made from a black ceramic stone, so it is an exceptionally resilient and robust product. Many pizza stones have a tendency to crack even before they are used; however, the black coating of this particular ceramic stone boosts its lifespan and gives it a gorgeous and sleek finish. Heritage also provides a high-quality pizza cutter free of charge along with this remarkable item. Although the product is great in every way, its packaging can be a turn off for many as it is a bit mediocre in nature, but the company's incredible customer service will fill up these gaps as they are always ready to answer all your questions and help you in any way possible.

The cleanup process is also super easy and effortless. Once you're done using it, you can tidy up your pizza stone using nothing but a simple piece of cloth. Its frictionless surface demands neither a lot of energy nor an excessive amount of time. If you are a bit skeptical about using any cloth, you can always go for a parchment paper as it is the default kind of cleaning tool for pizza stones. You can also look for the best grill cleaner here to see if it can be utilized as well for your pizza stones.
  • Straightforward and easy-to-clean pizza stone
  • The size is perfect for all kinds of pizzas
  • Has a long-lasting life-span due to its sturdy structure
  • Comes along with a free pizza cutter
  • Can also be used to bake other kinds of foods
  • The packing may be a deal-breaker for those who are picky about it
Product Review
"This cooks the most perfect, crispy pizza that I have ever made. Preheat the stone as instructed."

The Culinary Couture's Pizza Stone is genuinely an all-rounder pizza stone as it lets you bake a range of baked products such as bread, pizza, and pastries.
Quick Summary
  • Size: 15 Inch Round - 3/4 "Thick
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 0.8 inches 
  • Weight: 9 lbs 
If you're trying to find a premium quality pizza stone that ensures an evenly toasted pizza, then look no more than the Culinary Couture's Thick Pizza Stone. This top-quality stone shows up in a thick foam product packaging and includes a free recipe e-book and a gift box that contains a different surprise item every time you buy it.

This pizza stone is slightly thicker than the other stones. Its density is what offers the pizza a stunning and crispy crust. Apart from that, it can be used to heat up leftovers while preserving their taste and freshness. Nevertheless, this pizza stone is rather heavy, which makes it hard to maneuver. It's much better to leave the stone in the oven instead of storing it somewhere else which would require you to move it around every time you want to use it. It also needs to be used with proper care and maintenance; otherwise, it can stain. While staining does not impact the performance of this item, it definitely affects its appearance.

Overall, the Culinary Couture's Pizza Stone is genuinely an all-rounder pizza stone as it lets you bake a range of baked products such as bread, pizza, and pastries. It is excellent for both ovens and grills, therefore you won't need to look for a new pizza stone when it comes to using either of these cooking methods. It is also cost-efficient so those with a tight budget will be delighted to invest in it.
  • Thick width and long-lasting lifespan
  • Programmable 
  • Is available in a terrific product packaging that is made out of polyethylene foam
  • Terrific quality
  • Staining does not impact the efficiency or performance
  • The size is slightly big, making the pizza stone heavier
  • Prone to staining if not carefully used
Product Review
"The packaging was great. My stone arrived in perfect condition. It is thick and heavy (Which I wanted) and fits in our oven just right."
Also Great

This item deserves every cent and can provide you with a pizza that tastes much like the one at your preferred dining establishment.
Quick Summary
  • Size: 14.2"x 0.6"
  • Dimensions: 14.2 x 14.2 x 0.6 inches 
  • Weight: 6.2 lbs 
This baking stone can be utilized for pizzas along with baking pastry, confections, and other baked products. This stone likewise uses us the chance to heat ready-made pizzas. Among the very best qualities of this product is its incredible thermal durability as it can endure exceptionally heats actually well. This pizza stone by ROCKSHEAT is likewise formally accredited and does not produce any damaging compounds or smell under high heat. The user handbook might be a little troublesome to study, however, it is really practical.

Its density levels are ideal for barbecue or stove cooking and it does not even require to be experienced prior to you can begin utilizing it. If you season the stone prior to baking your desired food, it may stick to it and will not come off as quickly as you may have imagined. Regardless of its density and quality, this item does not have any additional weight.

Overall, this item deserves every cent and can provide you with a pizza that tastes much like the one at your preferred dining establishment.
  • Cooks products by equally dispersing heat throughout
  • No unnecessary weightiness
  • Suitable density
  • Can be utilized right away without the need for any seasoning
  • Sturdy build and thick stone
  • Excellent size—accommodates the majority of ovens completely
  • Takes extra time to preheat because of its thickness
Product Review
"My last pizza stone didn’t survive an accidental drop from waist height, so I decided to give this one a try based on the reviews, and I’m glad I did! I love using cordierite stone with my oven, and this one surprised me in many ways."
Also Great

This pizza stone is well-balanced and is capable of accommodating pizzas of all sizes.
Quick Summary
  • Size: Stone 0.75” + Bottom Feet/Spiral 0.35”
  • Dimensions: 16 x 14 x 1.1 inches 
  • Weight: 13.32 lbs 
The SOLIDO's Pizza Stone is a rectangularly-shaped stone with excellent build and multitude of usages. It is an exceptionally flexible product that is remarkable for baking pizza, bakery items, and confectionaries. Therefore, it is well-justified to call it an all-rounder as it can be utilized in an oven and on a BBQ or a grill. The rectangle-shaped shape of this baking stone allows you to fit and bake numerous products that you would typically not be able to bake on a standard baking stone.

Although this product has a huge surface area, it fits comfortably on all the standard grills and ovens Along with its high resilience and thick stone, it also has ridges at the base for increased stability and strength. Even though it is a little heavy, it isn't needlessly weighty for a pizza stone. With a heat spiral, it provides you with a uniformly baked pizza with a crispy brown crust every time The best part about this stone is its unique design that contributes to its performance.

This pizza stone by SOLIDO comes in a well-wrapped heavy box, so you do not need to worry about any damages if you are getting it shipped from abroad. Overall, this pizza stone is well-balanced and is capable of accommodating pizzas of all sizes.
  • Comes along with a terrific heat spiral
  • Great size
  • Has a standard weight for a pizza stone despite its large dimensions
  • Great and well-protected product packaging
  • Comes with a detailed instructions manual that highlights the care, handling and maintenance required by this product.
  • The pizza stone is a bit complex to understand and use correctly because of its rectangular shape. You might not get the perfect crust the first time you use it.
Product Review
"What a great product! We had to try using our new pizza stone from Solido-baking and were very impressed. My wife makes a great pizza and if there was ever a problem, it was the crust seemed hard to get right."
Also Great

The best feature of this pizza stone is its ability to conduct high levels of heat and improved absorption capability in contrast to its rivals.
Quick Summary
  • Size: 375" Thick - Pro
  • Dimensions: 16 x 0.38 x 14.3 inches 
  • Weight: 23 lbs 
The NerdChef Steel Pizza Stone stands apart from other pizza stones as the majority of them are made with either ceramic or cordierite. If you're searching for a steel pizza baking stone, then this one by NerdChef is most likely to be your best option. Our favorite feature of this pizza stone is its ability to conduct high levels of heat and improved absorption capability in contrast to its rivals.

While the majority of baking stones are made from other raw materials, NerdChef took the effort of introducing a rectangle-shaped pizza stone made from steel. Since steel is naturally strong and robust, the pizza stone has increased durability and sturdiness. Keeping this in mind, it has ten times greater conductivity and twice the heat resistance as compared to ceramic baking stones. This makes it possible for the stone to deliver high levels of heat to your pizza without breaking. In fact, it is immune to breaking.

Overall, steel isn't a bad alternative when it comes to pizza stones. You get a lot of advantages which you'd otherwise not have such as no more worries about the stone breaking or staining. If your pizza stone is made out of stainless steel, it will be easier to clean and maintain too. 
  • Very good conductivity
  • High resistance and heat absorption
  • Cooks faster because it's made out of steel
  • Different from the usual pizza stones
  • Steel is incapable of absorbing moisture
  • The stone's size is a bit small and cannot be used to cook large-sized pizzas
Product Review
"Fantastic results. Best pizzas crust I have made using this steel plate. Highly recommended!"
Also Good

A good option for regular travellers as the durability and sturdiness of this pizza stone have been made to cater to the needs of constant vacationers. 
Quick Summary
  • Size: 12"x12"x0.4" / Black Glazed
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 x 0.4 inches 
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs 
This particular stone is the most suitable selection for those who intend to cook pizzas and various other foods in using grills or ovens. The Waykea black ceramic pizza stone will give you a memorable experience that is certainly going to have you spouting about it for days.

The most effective function of this ceramic pizza rock by Waykea is that it's multi-purpose. It can be utilized to cook numerous things, such as pizzas, loaves of bread, and so on. Considering that it has ideal size and surface area, it can fit inside all the standard ovens and regular grills, toaster, as well as lots of RVs. Made using all-natural cordierite, this pizza stone has a strong resilience and excellent resistance to high levels of temperatures. Its robust structure assists in improving its durability and ensures that it does not crack easily.

Last but not least, Waykea's black ceramic pizza stone comes in wonderful packaging, wrapped with foam for complete protection. Whether you are ordering it locally in the U.S. or shipping it from abroad, you can rest assured about its quality of packaging. Overall, this is a good option for regular travelers as the durability and sturdiness of this pizza stone have been made to cater to the needs of constant vacationers. It is also ideal for use in your home.
  • It is made out of cordierite, which is a very durable and strong material
  • It can withstand extremely high levels of heat
  • The black ceramic surface makes cleaning simple and straightforward
  • Can be used to bake items other than a pizza
  • It is thin
  • Its base may become soggy if instructions are not followed accurately
Product Review
"We live in a travel trailer. And ovens in RVs typically run very hot and create hot spots in baking and cooking. This little gem fits perfectly in my RV oven and since putting it in the oven, there have been no hot spots on my food or in my casseroles. I absolutely love this can't do without tool!" 
Also Good

The stone is additionally an excellent 0.83 inches thick and also can hold up against temperature levels as much as 1,500 levels Fahrenheit. 
Quick Summary
  • Size: Pizza Stone R16 + Peel 14 + Cutter 14
  • Dimensions: 20.59 x 20.08 x 4.41 inches 
  • Weight: 14.07 lbs 
Love This Kitchen Ultimate Round Pizza Stone has a distinct layout on its base that guides the heat so the center of the stone is the first one to warm up. This is practical because the center of the pizza is typically the final part to prepare. The stone is additionally an excellent 0.83 inches thick and also can hold up against temperature levels as much as 1,500 levels Fahrenheit. Love This Kitchen guarantees the top quality of this item with a 60-day complete r if the customer is not happy with it. The product also comes along with a temporary warranty.

Furthermore, one of our favorite features of this stone is the lip that prevents the pizza from slipping off of the stone, saving you the time of cleaning the stove if something goes wrong. The no-spill stopper does a fabulous job of maintaining the pizza at a fixed position. Nevertheless, one point that might put off some individuals is that the stone generates a repulsive chemical smell. Although it is not very noticeable on the food, it can still be a deal-breaker for some.

Aside from that, the permeable nature of the cordierite takes in moisture well to develop crispy crusts. Speaking of cordierite, the stone is slightly big for some small stoves. If you wish to use it just on a grill, then you are good to go since it can fit easily on all the basic grills. But if you want to use it in an oven, you might want to make sure that your oven is big enough to accommodate this pizza stone. 
  • Bulged up borders make sure that the pizza doesn't slip away
  • Produces a super delicious and crispy crust
  • Can be used to make different kinds of bread as well
  • It can withstand up to 1,500 Fahrenheit of heat
  • Will not fit if the oven is not at least 17 inches deep
  • Produces a chemical smell
Product Review
"Fantastic! Makes amazing pizza. Must pre-heat oven for at least half hour beforehand, stone does stain, but as long as you wipe it clean with no soap, just a clean rag and water, it really doesn't matter."
Also Good

The Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Stone is incredibly easy to prepare all kinds of foods, from cooking pizzas, cookies, griddled meat, toasting veggies and so on.
Quick Summary
  • Size: 14 Inch Cast Iron
  • Dimensions: 18.43 x 14.75 x 1.25 inches 
  • Weight: 9.53 lbs 
The Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan comes along with a rim and a handle that takes care of and maintains your pizza while you're taking it out from the stove. This cast iron stone comes pre-seasoned, which indicates you will not need to stress over oils to avoid your pizza from sticking while cooking. The black color of the product prevents discoloration and staining that is otherwise common in lighter-colored pizza stones.

Also, it is very durable as well as long-lasting. It is guaranteed to serve you for years to come if you take proper care of it. Because cast iron is such an excellent conductor of heat, the cooking time is reduced significantly and the uniform distribution of heat is easy to achieve. This pizza stone can be safe to use in a stove, grill, or an oven, offering you numerous functional usages for it.

Overall, the Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Stone is incredibly easy to prepare all kinds of foods, from cooking pizzas, cookies, griddled meat, toasting veggies, and so on. The distinct and creatively designed handle makes it easy and convenient to carry and move around the stone.
  • Non-sticking
  • Easy to clean
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Cost-effective
  • Cast iron can rust over time so it demands a lot of care and maintenance
Product Review
"YES!!! Fits my small 20" oven perfectly and makes a beautiful crust. THE HANDLES are wonderfully tilted which makes it so much easier to manoeuvre."
Also Good

The Baking Steel Pizza Stone is capable of withstanding extreme amounts of temperature, it is resistant to rusting and has a profoundly staunch build.
Quick Summary
  • Size: 16" Round
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 0.25 inches 
  • Weight: 14.42 lbs 
The Baking Steel Pizza Stone, as suggested by its name, is made out of steel and is practically indestructible. Compared to a brick oven's stone, steel is a more conductive surface and naturally strong. Therefore, the Baking Steel Pizza Stone is capable of withstanding extreme amounts of temperature, it is resistant to rusting and has a profoundly staunch build.

Keeping the goods aside, the biggest letdown of this stone is that it weighs a hefty 15 pounds which may be a definite deal-breaker for many individuals. If you are not used to lifting heavy weights, it will be quite frustrating for you to lift this pizza stone on your own. Having said that, if you are an oven user, you may not be very fond of bending down with a 15 lbs stone in your hands and then attempting to position it correctly. The good thing is, however, that it comes pre-seasoned and works under the broiler, on the grill, and in the oven in temperatures of up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also freeze it to use the steel as a cold plate.

Overall, the Baking Steel's Pizza Stone is a beast stone that can make incredible quality pizzas. You can surprise yourself and your family by turning into an expert chef in a matter of a few days. All you need is a recipe!
  • It has a nice appearance
  • Can cook pizzas very quickly
  • Extremely strong, literally immune to breaking
  • Durable and guaranteed to last for several years
  • Very heavy, 15 lbs is not easy for anyone to carry
  • Expensive compared to the other pizza stones we've reviewed
Product Review
"Makes the best home pizza we've ever had! Crispy, thin crust, perfect amount of char, pizza cooks fast and hot (exactly what you want)."
Also Good

The Te-Rich Wireless Thermometer is a superior quality product which comes along with a free case and a storage bag. 
Quick Summary
  • Size: 16" Round
  • Dimensions: 16 x 16 inches 
  • Weight: 0.16 ounches 
The Old Stone Oven Round Pizza Stone has a commendable record of not just producing delicious and irresistible pizzas but also being adaptable enough to assist in making bread, meat, as well as various other food items.

Made from cordierite, the stone is manufactured mainly to cater to the needs of grill users. With a unique heat core, it assists the pizza's center to cook quickly and efficiently. It can hold up against temperature levels of up to 2,000 levels Fahrenheit. According to the company, this stone can be used for making pizzas, veggies, loaves of bread as well as delicious confectionaries. 

According to our experience, the stone cooked light turkey meat perfectly and distributed heat evenly on it. We also tried it to make a slice of bread and it turned out to be a crispy memorable experience along with a mouthwatering golden brown pizza that made us fall in love with this stone.
  • Lightweight
  • Strongly built and durable
  • Distributes heat evenly
  • Inexpensive
  • It has built-in feet which may be unable to stand evenly on the grill or oven
Product Review
"It is a good thing. It works as intended, the price is fair. I'm a former (Italian) pizza cook, and I can say that I'm really happy of this stone, it' totally worth the money."

Factors to Consider

Now that all the leading choices and finest pizza stones for grills and ovens have been gone over, let's talk about the crucial aspects that will assist you in choosing a pizza stone that fulfills all your requirements and criteria.


Among the primary elements that matter when picking a pizza stone is the size of the stone. Pizza stones are readily available in numerous sizes—from the smallest ones to the largest ones. The size of the pizza stones depends upon the size of the grill or oven you intend to use it for. Therefore, depending on where you are using it, select the size of the pizza stone that can comfortably fit in with the equipment you intend to choose for cooking.


When selecting a pizza stone, another substantial element that can impact your choice is the shape of the stone. Pizza stones can be found in numerous designs and shapes. While some might be round, others are square and even rectangle-shaped. The shape of the stones you choose to buy will mainly depend on the shape of the oven or the grill and the area it can support. If you have a rectangle-shaped grill/oven, select rectangle-shaped stones. By doing this, the pizza stone will fit comfortably.


The majority of pizza stones are produced from cordierite and ceramic (also known as firebrick). (1, 2)

Cordierite is an excellent option for producing pizza stones as it absorbs moisture pretty nicely, indicating that you'll not need to worry about dealing with a mushy crust ever again.

Ceramic pizza stones are excellent at absorbing heat and can be utilized to bake your pizza equally without putting in any additional effort.  Although firebrick or ceramic pizza stones can be utilized to make crunchy delicious pizzas, a lot of people are unhappy with the fact that it releases an odd odor that doesn't leave the food even after it has been cooked.


Pizza stones are produced using earth or other ceramic elements that can make the pizza stone quite heavy. This additional weight is mainly due to the structure of the stone.

It's apparent that nobody would choose to buy a pizza stone that is arduous to carry and challenging to move around. So, before investing in a pizza stone, make sure to have a good look at how much it weighs and whether it is easy to lift or not. At the same time, you should also bear in mind not to opt for a lightweight pizza stone. These products, although very easy to carry, tend to break quicker than their heavier counterparts.

Cleaning and Maintenance

All pizza stones require maintenance if you wish for them to have a longer lifespan. The problem is, not many of us are interested in following special instructions to clean a mere piece of stone. For this reason, it is a rather wise idea to take into consideration the cleaning demands and maintenance requirements when looking for the perfect pizza stone. You don't want to buy something too expensive that takes more time to clean than making a pizza.

Multitude of Usages

The resourcefulness or adaptability of the pizza stone is a unique element to think about, specifically if you're somebody who likes to experiment with different kinds of food. If you have an interest in baking things other than a pizza, then this is an essential aspect for you to consider. 

A square-shaped pizza stone has more surface area for cooking other foods as compared to a round pizza stone. A rounded pizza stone is great for baking loaves of bread or heating quesadillas in addition to a pizza. They also have a smooth circumference so you don't need to worry about sharp edgy points. (3)

All in all, look for something that isn't limited to baking a pizza only. Your cooking interests are very likely to shift over time so having something which is multi-purpose in nature will save you money in the future.


Your local stove can be utilized for a range of purposes such as braising, roasting, and broiling. However, the one meal that demands considerable effort and focuses from your side is—pizza. Your home oven downright isn't suited to making the kind of pizza that you eat at your favorite restaurant. This is because it doesn't have the right surface or the heat levels that a pizza requires. So, if you wish to take your cooking skills to the next level and become a pizza-making expert, you will need to invest in a pizza stone.

We have gone over the top 10 pizza stones for grills and ovens that are available in the market today including a thorough discussion of their features and pros and cons. 

We've also listed here the best outdoor pizza oven if you're up for an activity outdoors and you'll love to have pizza as one of your food-must-haves.

We hope this guide will help you find the right product. 

Best Overall

The Heritage Pizza Stone is made from a black ceramic stone, so it is an exceptionally resilient and robust product.


(1) cordierite -
(2) ceramic -
(3) quesadillas -

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