Leaving your grill in the open for days-even for hours is not advisable. If you happen to take days without using your grill and it remains standing outside on the lawn or somewhere on a verandah at the back of your house, you may find birds nesting on it or have debris and tree leaves

The company, Char-Broil, is renowned for the production of high-quality grills of all kinds. However, they also offer a range of versatile grill covers that can be used not only on their grills but also on other brands as long as the dimensions match. But considering that there exists a huge variety of Char-Broil grill covers,

Bluetooth grill thermometers are essential tools that give you the convenience of grilling your favorite foods. Having a grill thermometer is important in making sure you don’t undercook or overcook what it is you’ve put inside a grill. A Bluetooth grill thermometer gives you the same functionality – at a distance.  If you’re the type of

For most of us who appreciate a good barbecue experience, having a grill at home is a great investment. With it, you can enjoy time with family and friends without the need of travelling to often crowded barbecue joints.This being the case, the grill must be well maintained so that it can continue serving you

When you like barbecue food at home then the grill is the most important tool. You must have a grill with a grill cover and that needs to be washed to remove the stubborn stain of smoke and food. Although it’s difficult and looks challenging to clean it, our step by step guide will help

Keeping a grill cover firmly on your grill to protect it from the elements can sometimes be tricky.There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your favorite grill exposed to the elements because of a blown off grill cover that wouldn’t stay in place. Imagine waking up in the morning and seeing your expensive backyard grill drenched